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Top leisure Activities to Do in Melbourne

By DavidKoller More Blogs by This Author

Australia has become a top tourist destination in the past years and its no wonder as this country will keep surprising you wherever you turn. Choosing just one city for your travel might be a tough decision, but if you want a milder climate and a fantastic cultural experience, the capital of Victoria, Melbourne is a great choice. Millions visit this metropolis every year to marvel at art, look at the architecture and last but not least, to enjoy a range of fun activities. Perfect for families or simply just people who are looking to spend a relaxing but fun time, Melbourne has a slew of activities to offer. Here are some of the top leisure activities to give you some ideas for your trip.

Casey Recreation and Aquatic Centre

If you have little ones with you who are full of energy and eager to play all day, you can head to Melbournes southeast for an aquatic adventure. The Casey Recreation and Aquatic Centre (RACE) caters to all ages and all kinds of preferences when it comes to water fun. Your youngests can play in the wading pools while bigger kids will certainly want to try out the adrenaline-pumping water slides. At the end of the day, you can also take some time to relax and unwind as the facility offers a spa, sauna and a steam room as well.

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

No Melbourne visit can go without checking out the famous Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. It is a sight both by day and night, and the whole family is going to love riding in it. Unless you are afraid of heights, getting 120 meters high and observing a 360-degree view of the iconic Melbourne skyline is a must. This construction truly towers above the whole world and not only will it be an incredible experience but you can even learn interesting things during your ride.


Another incredibly fun spot where you can spend an afternoon full of laughs is an innovative gallery called ArtVo. While in other galleries, your kids might get bored as they are not supposed to touch anything, here, they can play to their hearts content. Interacting with the artworks is the whole point of this gallery, and you can rest assured the pictures you will take will make you smile for years to come. Its really a new approach to traditional art that allows the observer to be part of the scene, so dont miss out on ArtVo.

A Steamboat Cruise

When youre in Melbourne, not checking out the Yarra River would be a crime. This river that starts in the Yarra Ranges and flows through the city is one of the most significant geographical treasures of the region, and to experience it yourself, get on the water! Seeing the historic streets from this perspective will be a whole new experience, so a scenic boat ride with Classic Steamboat Cruises would be an amazing and relaxing activity to enjoy during the Australian summer.

iFLY Melbourne

Finally, something out of the ordinary that is certainly not for everyone would be a visit to the iFLY Melbourne skydiving center. This is a brand new experience that only opened to the public this August you can try out skydiving indoors, in a completely controlled environment! This is amazing for those who have always wanted to try this but are a little afraid of actually jumping out of a plane. Now, you can have the same experience in a wind tube and feel the adrenaline rush through your body. Whats also great about this activity is that its for all ages, basically the website states it is open for everyone between the ages of 3 103, which means the whole family can have a blast.

There are so many amazing things to do in Melbourne that its impossible to list them all. Hopefully, these few suggestions still give you a good starting point from where you can explore the city yourself. Have fun and dont forget to take lots of pictures!

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