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July 3, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Heat Up the Summer with the Top 5 Fashion Trends

By Rachael Steil More Blogs by This Author

I had my fashionista sister prowling the streets of New York this summer to give me feedback on the newest styles. With an eye for fashion all throughout high school, my sister was destined for the streets of New York to strut her stuff. I put her in charge of finding the latest looks, so she was able to give me the inside scoop from one of the biggest cities on the planet. Her observations indicate that stripes are in, as well as large, white t-shirts. Gladiator sandals are still hot too, but beyond these small new looks, here are the top five trends that have hit the streets this summer.

1) Studs

Studs are no longer just for hard-core rockers. These babies can bejewel even the most elegant of accessories for classy events, as seen on heels, flats, sandals, collars, skirts, cardigans, leggings, purses, and dresses. Studs have even found their way between pearl and diamonds on necklaces and bracelets. Studs on shorts, sunglasses, boots, and backpacks are great to wear when out with your friends since they aren't as classy but still add flare and fun to your overall look.

2) High-Waisted Shorts

The high-waisted shorts are back! While some say this new trend is too hard to pull off, fashion experts disagree. Even those with a shorter torso (or a larger bust) can find high-waisted shorts that work by finding those that cut just over the hip bones instead of all the way up. Tucking in your shirt will do the trick, too. The cheapest method to test this trend? Buy a pair of jeans from the thrift shop, and cut them into shorts. Even the bigger sizes will work fine if you just add a belt. To spruce it up for a more elegant look, combine the shorts with heels.

3) Sheer Embarrassment?

This trend didn't appeal to me at first when I saw photos of bare-chested women walking down the runway in see-through tops. Sheer works on the catwalk, but I'm sure you'd agree that us common folk are more interested in what works in our daily lives. (Europe may have to be excluded, as a few women have braved the streets wearing sheer shirts.) How does one work this style without turning heads for the wrong reasons?

If you do decide to wear a see-through top, wear statement lingerie underneath. Layering with a jacket can work, too. If you're looking to highlight other body assets, wear sheer as sleeves, trouser legs, or over the midriff.

If you don't like total transparency, translucent or delicately embellished fabrics are an option. Make sure you don't add too many accessories, as the sheer in itself highlights your assets.

4) Maxi Dresses

These dresses are great because they're easy and comfortable to wear. They also come in a variety of patterns and prints, so finding your own style makes wearing maxi dresses unique for everyone. Need a hard-core look? Adding a leather jacket will do the trick. Even petite women can pull of this new trend by cinching at the waist to add height.

5) Patterns and Prints

Bring out your inner animal with jaguar, zebra, and cheetah print accessories and outfits. Make sure to choose one top or pair of pants for each animal outfit to avoid a complete jungle look, or choose two animal-print accessories such as a scarf and heels. Find prints in earth tones and neutrals, as neon animal prints a can be too obnoxious. However, you can create a color clash with animal-print pants and a single vibrant color in top, pink, orange, pastels, and emerald-green.

Then there are the new watercolor splashes, floral patterns (or combine the two for watercolor florals!), and oriental prints. To pull off the oriental style without feeling too much like you are wearing a costume, add leather. If you don't want to embrace the entire oriental look, you can find parts of outfits where the print peaks out for a subtle look, such as the inside of shirt cuffs, across collars, and the inner lining of skirts.

The secret to success for these summer trends? Pick one new style as the focus for each outfit. That way, you will not only show off your best parts, but avoid crowding or overwhleming the outfit. You want to create a little mystery; flaunt a little here and a little there each day to maintain a showy but subtle look that will grab just enough attention to keep you cool all summer long.


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  • the shoes are awesome - I would never wear them but they are pretty to look at!

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