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October 27, 2019 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

The Best Layered Outfits to Rock This Season

By IslaWright More Blogs by This Author

According to many fashion icons, fall fashion is one of the most inspiring ones. Muted, soft, or even bold designs and colors can be combined so that everyone finds their style. One of the tricks that will make you look elegant, fashionable and trendy is most certainly layering. One more reason is that layering means you can use all your favorite summer pieces during fall as well.

Crop tops

The naked piece of skin between your crop top and high waisted shorts is attractive during summer, but not so much in the fall. However, there are ways to use the crop top trend and style it without getting cold. A basic white shirt underneath a crop top sweater is the perfect outfit for day time activities, running errands, or even when you go to class. You can wear either sneakers or ankle boots, even heels with this outfit, depending on the occasion. An interesting detail would be a brooch you can put on the collar of your shirt. If you want to make your outfit look more like any street style, an oversized, striped black and white shirt underneath the same crop top sweater will look very chic.



One of the most interesting outfits in the last couple of years we have all learned to love are combos of t-shirts, shirts and turtlenecks. Although it sounds a bit odd, there are many ways you can be creative and combine the pieces that may be in different styles. When layering clothing, the most important thing is to always have one basic piece, and have fun with the rest of the outfit. This is why a basic white or black shirt under a spaghetti strap maxi dress will look super cute. You can play with the color and print of the dress, and since animal print and silk dresses are trendy now, we suggest one of those. Pair it with biker boots, or white trainers, and a leather jacket, which will complete this edgy yet feminine look.

Boyfriend jeans

If you like being comfortable and casual looks, chances are you have at least one pair of boyfriend jeans in your wardrobe. They can be a perfect piece for colder autumn days when you can wear them with ankle boots again, or sneakers on days you want to be cozy and relaxed. A cotton blouse, checkered shirt, and a denim jacket will look cool, plus it is an outfit you can wear from day to night, and take off one piece if it gets too hot. If you don't want this outfit to look too casual, but more feminine and girly, we recommend picking a shirt in brighter colors, or making loose waves, and doing a more girly makeup look.



You may think that a blazer is too formal to be layered, but think again. By this, we don't mean wearing a hoodie underneath. The inspiration for this outfit came from Carrie Bradshaw and we believe it still looks trendy and chic today. Beige loose pants, olive green top, a blue blazer, and a green-blue trench coat that has ruffled sleeves may sound like too much, but the combination of these basic pieces, with one eccentric one like the coat, is the perfect layered outfit. It's casual, trendy, comfortable, and looks modern and luxurious as well. So, you can try recreating this iconic outfit yourself using the blazer you have in your wardrobe.

Many fashion bloggers and fashionistas recommend layering as one of the tricks to make any outfit interesting and look expensive. Plus, there is no need to divide your closet according to season because you can use your favorite pieces all through the year. Use some of our recommendations as inspiration, and don't let those pieces from your wardrobe go to waste.

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