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Simple requirements for each step of charcoal machine

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Each production process of the charcoal machine has a direct relationship with the charcoal production effect. The charcoal process requires four steps: crushing, rod making, drying and carbonization. Each step requires different equipment and technical requirements. In order to produce high-quality charcoal, every step must be skillfully operated. So what are the requirements of each step of the charcoal machine?


1. In the process of crushing raw materials, the size of the crushed large materials should be kept between 10mm, and do not exceed this particle size, so as to affect the operation;


2. During the rod making process, the density of the rod body should be reasonably controlled, and the density value to be maintained should be a 1: 1 ratio;


3. For drying materials, the humidity of the materials should be controlled at the optimal dryness. Generally, the controlled moisture content is 6% ~ 12%;


4. During the carbonization process, the temperature of the carbonization should be controlled to the optimal carbonization temperature range. The carbonization temperature is generally required to be between 550-600 degrees, which is the optimal carbonization temperature range value.

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