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Shuliy mechanical carbonization furnace equipment has always been based on green environmental protection — an article on the Smart Living Network
April 20, 2019 at 4:18 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Shuliy mechanical carbonization furnace equipment has always been based on green environmental protection


The technology is constantly developing, the society is constantly improving, the machinery industry is constantly upgrading its technology, and the carbonization furnace equipment is also constantly reforming and innovating. Its superiority, quality and performance are very high, and the carbonization furnace equipment is also deeply affected. People's favor, carbonization furnace equipment to meet the different needs of users with unique advantages and perfect carbon production process.

The traditional carbon-making process not only has a long carbonization time, but also has a low carbonization rate, and is simple and polluted. The raw wood charcoal furnace equipment can use a variety of wooden waste materials and straw, rice husk, wood chips, sawdust, coconut shell, bamboo chips, and peanuts. Shell, corn cob and other materials to make charcoal. The carbonization equipment adopts high-tech purification technology, which is energy-saving and efficient, and is very convenient to operate, and completely eliminates pollution, smoke, harmful gases, etc., because we add a flue gas recovery device in the carbonization furnace equipment, which is generated during the carbonization process. The flue gas is ingeniously pressed into the furnace through the recovery device to carry out cyclic carbonization, and the smokeless gas is discharged, that is, the pollution is eliminated and the recycling is very environmentally friendly.

The smokeless carbonization furnace firstly burns the material through the gasifier to generate flue gas. After the gas purification system considers the gas impurities such as wood tar smoke, the flue gas is transferred into the carbonization machine for combustion, and when the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the carbonization is performed. Adding materials that require carbonization, through the pipeline, the materials are burned in the carbonization machine. The burning of organic matter needs to meet three points: heat, oxygen and organic matter, because the carbonization machine is almost confined space, which can not meet the demand of oxygen, so that the materials Under the high temperature of 800 inside the carbonization machine, the adjustment of the speed of the internal conveying device of the carbonization machine will not burn to ash, but will only burn into charcoal.

The flue gas generated by the material burned in the carbonization machine is treated by the flue gas purification, and then returned to the carbonization machine for combustion, so that the heat energy of the machine is continuously operated to achieve a smokeless, environmentally friendly and continuous effect. Finally, the charcoal is transported by the cooling machine to cool down, so that the temperature of the charcoal comes out only 50-80 degrees. During the process of transporting the charcoal, since the charcoal is fully exposed to the air, if the material density is large, it is thick, although there is no open flame on the surface. There may be Mars in the core of the material, and it may spontaneously ignite. It is necessary to install a mist spray device to cool the carbon out twice to completely eliminate the fire source. All internal parts of the smokeless carbonization furnace are made of special high temperature resistant precious metal steel. It is durable, non-deformable, non-oxidizing and has good insulation performance. The machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

From the above analysis and introduction, it can be seen that the carbonization production of carbonization furnace equipment has always been based on green environmental protection, so the carbonization furnace equipment in the carbonization production is very good to achieve smoke-free environmental protection, many users are also investing in carbonization furnace equipment. Come to charcoal production machine-made charcoal.

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