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Selection of hydraulic pulper in egg tray production line

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The whole selection of thecartonegg tray machineproduction line in the production process, the choice of hydraulic pulper needs our attention. The hydropulper is common equipment used for the disintegration of waste paper in egg tray equipment and is also the main equipment used to process pulp boards and broke paper. The hydraulic pulper has several advantages in the disintegration of the pulping board, broke paper, waste paper, etc.:

First: the pulp is only dissociated without cutting

Second: strong disintegration ability, small power consumption per unit of output

Third: the equipment is simple, the cost is low, the floor space is small, and maintenance and repair are convenient.

Fourth: the labor required and can be mechanized and automated

The horizontal hydraulic pulper is the most commonly used in China's waste paper processing industry. Its working principle is to add a certain amount of water according to a certain proportion after the waste paper is put into, and the high rope and rag in the waste paper. The wire, the plastic, and the like are mounted on the rotor by the blades of the hooks at one end, and the motor rotates the main shaft of the mainframe and the turntable fixed on the main shaft through the pulley.

The hydraulic pulper uses this rotary motion, and the slurry contained in the metal tank rubs against each other and rubs to achieve the purpose of pulp disintegration. The pulp is broken into fiber suspension and then passed through a sieve assembled in the lower part of the slurry tank. After the screen is screened, the good slurry flows through the sieve hole through the slurry pipe connected to the bottom of the tank to the slurry storage tank, and the coarse tie left in the tank is removed through the cleaning of the bottom of the metal slurry tank. The choice of hydraulic pulper in the egg tray machine plays a vital role in the quality of the egg tray, so the perfect hydraulic pulper must choose a good quality water pulper in the wholecartonegg tray machineproduction line.

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