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Selection of Charring Process for Charcoal Briquette Equipment

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The production of machine-made charcoal is a complicated process, and the more important thing is to carbonize the raw material, which is the carbonization process of machine-made charcoal so that the material can be changed into a machine. -made charcoal. There are two ways to achieve carbonization: one is carbonization using a soil kiln, and the other is carbonization using a machine-made carbonization furnace of a new machine-made charcoal briquette machine.

So how do you choose these two different ways of carbonization, how can you choose a more reasonable carbon method? Heying mechanical technicians explain.

The original earthen kiln carbonization is the soil method used when people started to make charcoal. The raw materials produced a lot of smog in the carbonization process for a long time. Because peoples environmental awareness was still poor, the technology was relatively backward, and in the country, There is no relevant environmental protection policy, so this method can only be used to produce charcoal at the expense of the environment.

Now with the advancement of science and technology and the importance of environmental protection, coupled with the states call for laws and regulations prohibiting the burning of raw charcoal to reduce the destruction of forest vegetation, the Heying Machinery R&D team has carefully designed an environmentally friendlysmokeless carbonization furnace. The equipment can replace the earth kiln to burn charcoal. The environmentally friendly smokeless carbonization furnace not only covers a small area but also adds an environmentally friendly smoke removal device to the equipment.

The environmentally-friendly smokelesscarbonization furnacenot only reduces the pollution of air during carbonization but also recycles and reuses the flue gas such as wood tar generated during carbonization, which is environmentally friendly and increases revenue. It is a reasonable new machine-made charcoal briquette. Machine equipment.

The carbonization process of thecarbonization furnaceneeds to go through three temperature stages, and the carbonization of the salary bar is also different in three different temperature stages.

1. Drying temperature stage

When the salary bar is sent to the carbonization furnace, from the beginning of the work to the temperature in the carbonization furnace rises to 160, the moisture content inside the salary bar mainly relies on the external heating amount and the heat generated by the combustion itself to evaporate water. The internal structure of the salary bar does not change, nor does it affect the quality of the salary bar.

2. The initial stage of carbonization

After the drying of the salary bar, the subsequent carbonization process, in this process, the carbonization of the salary bar mainly relies on its own combustion to generate heat, and the furnace temperature will rise to 160-280 C, such a high temperature will The decomposition of the internal materials of the salary bar is promoted, the composition of the structural changes and the machine-made charcoal is initially carbonized.

3. Comprehensive carbonization stage

After the initial charging of the salary bar, as the temperature becomes higher and higher, and the temperature is upgraded to 300-650 C, the material inside the salary bar will be rapidly decomposed, resulting in a large amount of acetic acid, methanol, wood tar and other substances, and will also produce Methane, ethylene and other gases, under different effects, fuel rods and other raw materials will be turned into charcoal, machine-made charcoal will also be produced.

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