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Process characteristics of charcoal production by small charcoal making machine — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Process characteristics of charcoal production by small charcoal making machine


In the development of social economy, small charcoal production equipment focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection, but it also has continuous improvement in enhancing the reuse of resources. Nowadays, in the fast-paced social development, the development of small-scale charcoal production machine equipment is constantly improving in the influence of society, and the amount of industrial carbon is increasing. Rational development and utilization of renewable resources is an inevitable trend of science and technology development. The small charcoal making machine uses various agricultural and forestry wastes such as sawdust, twigs, rice husks, liqueurs and peanut shells as raw materials to create renewable resources to ensure environmental protection and energy conservation, and promote the green development of small charcoal production equipment industry.


The small charcoal production machine has four main steps in the production of charcoal: pulverization using a wood chip mill, molding by a 50 bar machine, drying with a tumble dryer, and finally carbonization using a dry distillation carbonization furnace. The process of preventing cracks in the carbon rod during the whole process is mainly focused on the molding process control of the 50-type bar machine and the mastery of the carbonization process of the carbonization furnace.


We are looking at the problem from a mechanical point of view. Wood chips are subjected to two forces in the forming cylinder. One is the power that the motor transmits to him through the auger, and the other is that the inner wall of the barrel squeezes his resistance. Under normal circumstances, the power is greater than the resistance, the greater the power, the faster the stick. Density is proportional to the resistance. The greater the resistance, the greater the density. To maintain sufficient power and resistance, it can be achieved in two ways: First, ensure the radial clearance between the barrel and the screw, generally the clearance is more The smaller the better, the theoretically there is no gap.


But this is impossible, it is very good at around 1mm. However, some barrels are bell mouths, which is based on the gap of the screw in the previous circle; the second way is to reduce the resistance, the heating ring is made with this. When the gap between the screw and the barrel becomes larger, we can use the heating coil to heat up to reduce the resistance, and we can also make a stick. However, because the resistance is small, the density of the rod is not as good as before. When the resistance is too small, the rod will crack or not form. Secondly, in the mastery of temperature control and temperature rise in the carbonization furnace, customers only need to master the above two-step carbon process to produce high-quality mechanism carbon.


With the advancement of science and technology and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the use of agricultural and forestry wastes such as sawdust, crop straws and plant foliage, through small charcoal production equipment production lines, has completely replaced traditional wood-fired charcoal. After the Shuliy mechanical small charcoal making machine equipment is put into the market, it has continuously refreshed the good development prospects, promoted a broader market development space, and used high-quality equipment as the basis for enterprise development, focusing on the innovative strength of small charcoal making machine equipment.



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