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Premium Wood crusher of excellent availability

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1. All bearing of wood crusher water is cooling by tap water. Filling with new materials can also achieve the effect of sound insulation, heat function. The machine during working is of low noise, no vibration, strong and durable use with high yield.

2. The wood grinder consists of three kinds of crushing blades.

3. Wood grinder with fineness analyzer can control the fineness of materials.

Structure and crushing principle of Wood crusher:

1. The wood shredder is composed of three major parts: body, middle body, and lower body. The middle body is equipped with triple stator coils, crushing cutter and fineness analyzer.

2. The crushing cutter of wood grinder includes 7 types, 1 type cutter, and centrifugal blade.

3. The wood grinder attachment machine is composed of the fan, powder collector and dust catcher

4. Wood crusher host crushing chamber adopts 7 types, 1 type cutter, and centrifugal blade, can achieve effects of coarse grinding, and fine grinding and centrifugal shattering. And its wood crusher rotor is driven by high-speed operation of a motor, thus producing high-speed airflow to create high strength impact force, compression force, cutting force, friction force crush materials on raw materials to achieve the unique crushing result.

5. The three kinds of cutting blade of Wood crusher, in the process of crushing rotor, produce high-speed airflow changing blade direction, thus materials are shocked, cut, causing friction effect in airflow repeatedly, crushed material flow into the analyzerwith airflow, theneffected by the centrifugal force and the centripetal force. So when the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, the fine particles enter the powder collectionwith airflow, coarse particles in centrifugal rifle crushing chamber to re-smash until the desired fineness achieves.

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