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New charcoal making machine

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The newcharcoal making machine equipmentuses the advanced technology of recovering, purifying and circulating combustion of combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, and oxygen in the process of carbonization. It not only solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by heavy smoke generated in the carbonization process of ordinary carbonization furnace, but also solves the thermal energy problem required for the new charcoal production machine equipment, fully self-sufficiency, and improves the continuity and economy of the equipment. Make full use of the surplus of agriculture and forestry, turn it into waste, reduce the contradiction between the supply and demand of forestry resources in China, and contribute more to the greening environment.

In the process of production of ordinary newcharcoal making machine equipment, the smoke is large, the working environment of workers is poor, and the introduction of smokeless new charcoal making machine equipment has changed the problems in the production process of ordinary charcoal making machines. The smoke-free new charcoal making machine is installed on the ordinary charcoal making machine equipment, the flue gas purification system and the recycling system make full use of smoke and not pollute the environment, which is a new starting point in the new charcoal making machine equipment industry. The newcharcoal making machineis smoke-free and environmentally friendly and is popular among investors.

The flue gas generated during the carbonization process is subjected to a process of spraying, cooling, purifying, etc., so that the generated combustible gas is subjected to secondary combustion. By circulating in this way, the self-generated heat is burned to the self to achieve an energy-saving effect. Moreover, in this process, the flue gas is purified in the pipeline, the smokeless gas in the production environment is environmentally friendly, and the national exhaust gas emptying standard is reached.

Smokeless newcharcoal making machine equipmentis a kind of waste recycling energy equipment. The state supports the development and application of renewable energy gradually. The investment in new charcoal making machine equipment can avoid waste of forest resources, protect the environment and reduce soot. Pollution to the environment. Investing in new charcoal making machines and equipment can also be supported by the governments preferential policies. Investors are able to make more gains.

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