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July 10, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Listen Up! Tune in to the Call of Earrings This Summer

By Rachael Steil More Blogs by This Author

My eyes widened in shock as the thick skin of my ears were penetrated by the needle gun.

No pain, no gain, right? I could wear earrings at last!

Getting my ears pierced made me feel like a new woman. I gathered my troops of hoops and trinkets to adorn my ears once my first studs had made themselves at home in my freshly-punctured earlobes. The pain of getting holes poked through my skin was nothing compared to the skin-reddening magnetic or clip-on disasters.

How to match up the outfits? Should I flaunt feathers or just have a hint of sparkle? Do I choose the shiny or neutral? As I grew enamored with my growing pile of earrings, I now had a decision to make everyday on my way to work: Which ornaments to hang next?

Face Framing

In the summer, when I want to avoid leaving my hair down on my neck like a scarf, I choose a pair of earrings to spruce up the face area. Don't choose earrings that overpower your look, though - you want to enhance what you already have. Earrings will help draw the eye to what you want to flaunt or accentuate about your face.

If your face is rounded and soft, you can narrow with long earrings. Choose jagged or angular earrings to add more edge to your face. Avoid hoops or circular earrings.

If your have a long, angular, or diamond face, you will want more round earrings. A heart-shaped face can flaunt chandelier and tear-drop earrings to fill out the rest of the pointed chin.

Coordinating Outfits

A rule to follow: The more glammed-up the earrings, the lower-key you need to go with the outfit. For example, if you decide to wear look-at-me feather danglers, you'll want an outfit with just a few basic colors or even a t-shirt or tank top and shorts.

Drop and dangle earrings are best for classy evening wear. Pearls fit in with any event or work, as they are up and out of the way while adding a hint of class and beauty. Pearls are probably the most versatile with any outfit.

Healthy Ears

Avoid heavy earrings that pull on your lobes. Over the years, these earrings will stretch out the holes and can possibly require surgery to fix. If you wear hoops, pull your hair back so that they do not get caught.

Don't wear hoops when you workout! That goes for your wild nights out too. Other people may act out of your control, and getting a pair of hoop earrings stuck (or ripped) isn't going to result in a good end to the night. I don't care how nice they look with your face or outfit, because by the end, blood and tears don't work well as accessories.


At work, you'll want smaller earrings as well so as not to distract from what you are doing, especially if you are answering phones. (You don't want to snag anything on the phone, do you?)

Keep the earrings short and sweet for weddings, funerals, or church. These are events where you want to look presentable and pretty, but you don't want to draw too much attention to yourself.

Now's the time to pull up your hair, cool off, and bedazzle your ears. Since the earrings must work to enhance your best features, make the earrings work for you this summer!


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