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Life in Hong Kong: A Guide for an Expat

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Millennials very easily get tired of things. And were not talking only about the material things such as shoes or phones. They also get tired of the place they live, and this is why they are always finding new work opportunities somewhere. Even though there are some amazing places where its great to be an expat in, there are not many that are both exotic and distant, and also provide great opportunities for life. So, if the time has come to think about starting a family, or perhaps you started one and youre thinking about a place to live you should definitely think of Hong Kong. The number of expats here is growing stronger by day. But why do you people choose Hong Kong? What is so special about this place, and why is it a perfect place for families?

Safety and cleanliness

First and foremost, lets discuss the most important thing that you should think about before you opt to move to a different country is it safe? Hong Kong is definitely one of the safest places in the world, and the crime rate there is incredibly low. This is why its an excellent place for families and teenagers no matter where you find yourself in the middle of the night, theres no way you will feel in danger. Your children can go to the school solely by using the metro station without any fear that they might get lost or kidnapped. Moreover, its important to mention that Hong Kong is extremely clean, to the point of being ridiculous. For example, every escalator or elevator button is sanitized once a day, and its illegal to throw gum in the street!

Family possibilities

If youre single, then you will be looking to find out if there are enough bars, clubs and restaurants in Hong Kong, and the answer is yes. However, its a bit more complicated with families, as they need to think about their kids as well. Hong Kong is not only one of the safest places as already mentioned, but also one that offers some amazing options for your kids education. Their education system is great as they have a wide range of international schools for children of all ages. Even if youre not from an English-speaking country, your child will be able to learn English if you enroll them into amazing courses such as the thorough Monkey Tree TEFL courses that are not only educational, but fun as well. Being in such schools and being able to communicate with children from all over the globe is definitely going to do wonders for your kid.

Work opportunities

Hong Kong is one of the worlds leading financial centers. This is one of the reasons why it attracts so many people every single year. Even though life there might be expensive (especially when it comes to rents), many fail to understand that the earnings are higher as well. Also, Hong Kong expats have the best earning potential 30% of them earn up to $200,000 per year! When you add everything up, it seems that even though Hong Kong is a bit more expensive, an expat can save more than back home, even though they will be able to spend a lot on their family and children.

Its multicultural

Hong Kong is a place of contrasts. This is a place of skyscrapers and modern buildings, but its also a place with plenty of parks and several amazing national parks. Apart from that, there are so many different people that you can meet here, from all around the globe. This is a place where everyone comes, and thats why its so special. Having your child living and growing up in a multicultural environment is certainly very positive, and can do wonders for their tolerance and respect towards other cultures and countries. Theres also a wide range of different national cuisines, so you can practically eat anything you want. It has more than 60 Michelin-starred restaurants, which means that you can definitely eat high-quality and tasty food.

If you ever want to be an expat, simply try Hong Kong. Dont let the prices make you think twice, as you will get the option to earn a lot. And life there might be amazing, if you just play your cards right. However, you can always try if not, you always have a place to go back to.

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