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Large straw charcoal machine equipment

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The large strawcharcoal machine equipmentis the product of the improvement of the charcoal machine. With the appearance of the straw charcoal machine, the use of the traditional charcoal machine is reduced. The reason for the decrease is because the straw charcoal machine has a wider range of use, equipment performance and work. Efficiency and other aspects have also been greatly improved compared with traditional equipment. So what are the reasons for making straw charcoal machines more popular than traditional charcoal machines? The advantages of large straw charcoal machine equipment.

The strawcharcoal machineis a machine which pulverizes into a pellet of 10 mm by a wood chip crusher, is dried by a dryer, and is put into a carbonization furnace for carbonization. The charcoal produced by the charcoal machine has high density, small volume and good flammability, and can replace fuelwood and coal. This product is especially suitable for heating and heating in the autumn and winter in the northern region, warming the greenhouse or making ordinary living fuel. The complete set of straw charcoal machine includes bar machine, carbonization furnace, dryer and other equipment.

First of all, from the raw materials, the ash content of the raw materials of thecharcoal machineis extremely high. The ash content of raw materials such as branches and straws used in the straw charcoal machine is relatively high, so that the charcoal produced in the industry is in the industry. Great use.

On the other hand, in the charcoal machine, the ash content of the raw materials is far less than that of the charcoal machine. The charcoal machine generally uses wood as the raw material. Now the government strongly advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, and prohibits deforestation. Therefore, the raw material source of the charcoal machine has been greatly limit. Straw coal refers to the use of agricultural corn stalks, corn cobs, branches, leaves, sawdust and other agricultural materials as raw materials. After crushing, pressurization and densification molding are commonly referred to as mechanical charcoal and charcoal. Because it can replace traditional coal, it is called "straw coal." It is an emerging fuel.

From the carbonization temperature of the two products, the raw material of the straw charcoal machine is very high because of the ash content, so the carbonization temperature will definitely be high, which will greatly reduce many carbon elements and hydrogen and oxygen. This confirms the quality of the carbon and the weight of the carbon produced in this way is also much lower.

From the point of view of the charcoal machine, because the ash content of the charcoal machine is too low, the temperature is too far, so the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen elements are not reduced too much, and the ash content is among them. It can't be integrated into the product, so the charcoal produced by the charcoal machine is not as light as the charcoal produced by the straw charcoal machine, and the quality is also different.

From the use of charcoal machine and straw charcoal machine, the raw materials of straw charcoal machine can be sawdust, bamboo chips, branches, straw, peanut skin, etc. The charcoal produced from these raw materials can be used in the barbecue industry, agriculture and industry, etc. In all industries, the raw material of the charcoal machine can only be wood. From here, it can be seen that the performance of the charcoal machine is all enjoyed by the straw charcoal machine, and the manufactured product is better than the quality of the charcoal machine.

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