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Know your Accessories: Handbags

By Mellissa More Blogs by This Author

Accessories are an important part of any woman's wardrobe. They have the power to complete a look or spice up an otherwise uninteresting outfit. They can be a form of expression and individualism, as well as practicality and function. The handbag is probably the most used accessory because of its inherent purpose to hold personal belongings. The styles for handbags are almost endless and can suit nearly any purpose or individual.

Across-body shoulder bags

These handbags tend to be compact and dainty, a little larger than a clutch. The appeal of these bags is the length of the strap, which is long enough to comfortably loop over one shoulder and across the torso. The bag is secure, yet your hands are free. The only downside to these little lovelies is that they are typically small in size because of how they are to be worn. However, these are great for spicing up an outfit, or for younger girls who are getting acquainted with carrying a purse. Mossimo across-body bags are boho chic and reasonably priced at


The satchel is a boxier version of the across body shoulder bag. Satchels typically come with set of handles as well as a shoulder strap. These bags tend to be roomy and chock full of pockets. They're perfect for moms and women who travel frequently. Another great thing about satchels is that they can withstand a good amount of abuse and still look wonderful. Browse through Macy's collection of gorgeous satchels during their 20% off sale!

Hobo Bag

The hobo bag is perfect for a causal look. These bags generally have short handles, soft, large bodies, and few pockets. These bags are great for carrying a lot, and are easy to wash. Designer hobo bags at discounted prices are available at


Tote bags are probably as utilitarian as you can get in the accessories department, however form doesn't have to take a backseat to function. Tote bags are characterized by their deep opening, large size, and lack of top closure. Some higher end totes have a clasp or button, but these bags normally remain open at the top. These bags can be used for trips to the grocery store or library. Check out some of Gap's colorful, and roomy, tote bags.

Messenger Bag/Laptop Bag

Messenger bags are carried by both men and women because of their usefulness. The rectangular body of these bags are ideal for carrying papers and portfolios as well as laptops and tablets. Like the satchel, there are many pockets for keeping post-it notes and pens. These bags always have a long shoulder strap and may also include a set of handles. Messenger bags are available on in a variety of colors and styles.

Backpack/ Knapsack

Backpacks aren't just for kids! The backpack can be a great handbag accessory. Backpacks have either one or two long straps to be worn on the shoulders so that the bag is carried on the back. These bags usually have a flap and clasp (or drawstring) on the front and a small inner compartment. Vintage and handmade backpacks are available on


The clutch and wristlet are the smallest of handbags. A clutch is a rectangular bag without handles and is under a foot in length. Clutches are to be paired with evening wear, when carrying a large bag wouldn't look appropriate. The smaller, and somewhat easier to keep track of, wristlet has a loop strap to be worn over the wrist. Both bags can hold the essentials, a tube of lipstick or balm, ID, and credit cards; perfect for worry free style during an evening out. Find a cute and sassy clutch for a great price at DSW.


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