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How to operate the Sawdust briquette machine

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The charcoal machine is latest popular environmental protection machinery, it is very convenient in use, and can be processed into the forestry in all kinds of waste mechanism charcoal, sawdust briquette machine is one of the main production equipment, users need to pay attention to things when operating the sawdust briquette machine.

Before start sawdust briquette machine, in order to reduce motor starting current, a higher temperature needs to be set, and if the sleeve was too thick will be easy to cause a broken finish rod. In case of unqualified density, and when it can't be settled timely, with the heat is turned up ahead of time, will cause the consequence of the rod cannot be pulled, and in a too low temperature, motor blocked and stop rodding. The design size of the shaped sleeve will also affect the rod output. If the larger diameter of the propeller is designed to be 65mm, the corresponding diameter of the sleeve 60 can generate the pressure well. If it is above 76, the diameter of the sleeve should be increased correspondingly to achieve the desired velocity of the rod output.

Rare sawdust briquette machine can achieve the effect of durable use and effective output, for the sleeve should be disposed at a high temperature and be wear resistance, with size required. The extrusion too thin is of poor resistance. If it is made of alloy wear resistant material, it will be inclined to break.

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