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How to judge the quality of charcoal produced by charcoal briquetting machine

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The new sawdust charcoal briquette machine is a machine that pulverizes into a granular shape within 10 mm by a wood chip crusher, which is dried by a dryer and then placed in a carbonization furnace for carbonization. The new sawdust charcoal briquette machine produces charcoal with high density, small volume and good flammability, which can replace fuelwood and coal.

The first is the judgment of appearance. The difference in color, from the appearance of the charcoal is pure black, if the color is black, the knocking sound is not crisp enough, indicating that there is a problem of water application, the water content will exceed the standard. When the carbon is broken, the color of the cross section should be clearer. If there is yellowing, it means that there are too many impurities in the carbon, and the ash content and volatile matter will naturally exceed the standard; or the carbonization process is not standard enough, and the charcoal has smoke and taste. There is smoke, but there must be a smell of smoke. The taste of charcoal has certain influence on the food processing industry and mosquito coil production. This is also the more obvious phenomenon of incomplete carbonization. The surface of the charcoal and the inner hole are covered with a hard carbon film. The thicker and harder the thicker hard film, the better the hardness and quality of the charcoal. Observing this layer of coating, it can naturally see the charring heat of charcoal, high temperature charcoal and low temperature. Carbon is also easily judged by this.

Charcoal allows for a small amount of cracking and does not affect the quality of the charcoal. However, too much crack indicates that the density of the semi-finished wood stick is not good or the oxygen supply during the carbonization process is too high and too large, and the crack caused cannot be completely shrunk. Second, the judgment on the size. The length of the machine-made charcoal box should be more than 5 cm, and the length limit is limited to the length of the carton.

Hold the charcoal stick with one hand and hold it vertically. The thumb should not be easily broken into the standard. The better the hardness, the better the quality of the charcoal. Two pieces of charcoal hit the building and can emit a crisp metallic sound. The quality of charcoal can be easily judged by the color, shrinkage, hardness, crack and steel sound of charcoal, which is one of the distinguishing standards of high temperature carbon and low temperature carbon.

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