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July 2, 2019 at 5:09 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

How to increase the output of charcoal machine equipment

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Now with the implementation of the road of sustainable development, more and more people are investing in the charcoal industry of production mechanism. In the same process of re-production of charcoal machines, some have high output and some have low output. How can we achieve the highest and most extreme effect of charcoal machine equipment, we will explain it for you briefly.

First, one of the biggest factors affecting the mechanism of charcoal products is the problem of raw materials. The mechanism of the raw materials with large carbon content is large in heat, good in effect, flammable and very resistant to burning. The mechanism carbon market at home and abroad is very popular. On the contrary, the mechanism of charcoal made from raw materials with less carbon is not better than the former. Also can not hit the market requirements.

The second point is to look at your production technology. The dryness and wetness of the raw materials should be guaranteed at 8%-10%. The humidity is too high and the humidity is too small to achieve the desired effect. Humidity will cause the char of the rod to not form, and the humidity will be too low, which will cause the carbon rod to break easily. The process of making the rod should pay more attention to the temperature of the forming cylinder. The temperature of the forming cylinder is preferably between 260 C and 360 C. Only when the temperature and humidity are properly controlled can a good finished charcoal stick be made. In the carbonization process, it is necessary to ensure that the carbonization furnace is tightly sealed and airtight, so that it can work normally.

The third is the correct operation and regular maintenance and maintenance. Pay attention to the details of the operation of the equipment, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and find out the problems in time to ensure that you always produce superior mechanism charcoal, so that you and your Businesses get greater benefits.

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