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How to find the perfect private tour guide — an article on the Smart Living Network
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How to find the perfect private tour guide


A few years ago, everyone used their travel agency around the corner to organize their next vacation. Nowadays, more and more people use the Internet to book a hotel or a flight. It is really easy, fast and cheap to book flights and hotels through the Internet. But hiring a private guide online, why not?
In the past year, some websites have emerged that help connect travelers with locals. The idea is simple, the local person creates a profile with information about them, their interests, their education, their experiences, etc. The traveler can find, share and reserve the local guide that is perfect for him or her.
What are the advantages of hiring someone through a website than through the traditional travel agency?
1. Meet the private guide before booking, you can talk to him and discuss the details and all of this before you go.
2. You decide with which guide you want to take a tour, not the travel agency is assigning you to the guide who earn the highest commission
3. Did I say commission? Yes, exactly, when you book through a travel agency, they earn commission. Normally they are not directly in contact with the guide, beyond there is an incoming agency in the middle that will also earn some money. The tour guide can probably give you a much better price directly than theNice Walking Touragency. When buying the service directly, it is like 'fair trade':The tour guide gets his money without giving most of his earnings to travel agencies. And you, as a traveler, will not pay as high a price as you normally pay at the travel agency. A victory wins for both of them.
Therefore, using a local guide website to locate private tour guides has its advantages. But how do I know which guide is trustworthy and trustworthy?
There are several websites that help you find a local guide, but not all of them provide enough information; Use a website where you will find detailed information about the tour guide such as:
a copy of the tourist guide license if you are a professional guideComments and ratings from previous clients. This ensures that the guide will be highly motivated to do a good service. If you do not do a good service, you will receive a bad user rating and will not be booked again by other customersAdditional information on knowledge and competence of the local guide.

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