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How to evaluate the finished charcoal produced by sawdust charcoal briquette production line

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The working process of Shuliy sawdust charcoal briquette production line are as following: crush sawdust into particles within 3-5mm by the sawdust grinder, then be dried by the dryer, and then put into the charcoal furnace after being made into briquette by the sawdust press. The sawdust charcoal briquette production line produces charcoal with high density, small volume and good flammability, which can replace firewood and coal.

The first is appearance evaluation. From the aspect of color, the finished charcoal is in pure black. Gray tint in color with its sound not crisp enough indicates the redundant water content. The section color of carbon fractured should be clearer. If there is yellow tint, the extra impurity of carbon is indicated, and the content of ash exceeds the standard, or the carbonization process is not standard enough. Besides, the charcoal has a smoky odor (charcoal with odor is not the full evidence of smoke, but the smoke is the full evidence of odor). The smelling charcoal has a certain influence on the food processing industry, for instance, mosquito repellent production and other industries. This is also the more obvious phenomenon of incomplete carbonization. The surface and inner bore of the charcoal is covered with a hard carbon film. The thicker the black and bright hard film is, the better the hardness and more qualified the charcoal is. The carbonization heating effect can be seen naturally by observing this film, and the high-temperature carbon and low-temperature carbon can also be easily distinguished.

A few cracks on charcoal will not influence the quality of the finished charcoal. However, the crack too large means that the density of the semi-finished wood rod is not good or there is too much oxygen content in the carbonization process. Second, evaluating from size. The length of mechanical charcoal should be more than 5 cm, and the length shall be measured according to the length of the carton. At present, most of the equipment manufacturers of sawdust charcoal briquette production line adopt 5 cm diameter molding set as the standard, so the finished carbons diameter shall be within 4 cm, with a better shrinkage size of 3.5-3.8. Electrical resistance value also depends on the charcoal content and shrinkage regulated by standards on exported carbon. Finally is to evaluate by hardness and sound.

Grasp the charcoal stick vertically with one hand, the stick cannot be thumb broken easily is the qualified one. The stronger the charcoal, the better the quality of charcoal. When two pieces of charcoal collided, there will be a crisp metallic sound. The quality of charcoal can be evaluated simply by the color, shrinkage, hardness, crack, and sound.

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