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High performance wood crusher

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Wood crusherinstructions
1. Turn on the power and see if the steering is correct.
2. When replacing the tool, the knife edge extends 2 to 4 mm from the plane of the cutter, and then tighten the bolt. If the pressure bolt thread is found to be worn, it should be replaced immediately to prevent damage to the cutter nut.
3, change the degree of expansion of the knife, the length of the extension knife is consistent.


4, by adjusting the length of the knife, when the particles do not reach the ideal, change the sieve with different pore sizes.
5. It is strictly forbidden to put wood with stones and nails into the machine to prevent the knife and internal parts from being damaged.
6. Pay attention to the hammer bolts and find that they are loose and immediately tightened. When the hammers and bolts are worn out, they should be replaced.
7. The sharpening angle is 28-30, which is strictly prohibited to be ground into a convex surface. The convex surface will cause the steel blade to detach or partially uncover the steel.
8. Machines that are frequently used should check if the bearing butter is missing. The butter should be added once every 3-4 hours. It is not easy to add butter.
Lubrication and maintenance ofwood crushers
1, the bearing housing should be added with butter, replaced once a month, continuous work should be added 2 more times, pay more attention to observation.
2. After using the V-belt for a period of time, the tightness should be re-adjusted. Press the middle of the belt with your finger and lower it by 6-10mm.
3. After working every day, the machine should be cleaned to check whether the parts are loose, in order to extend the service life, and the power part is maintained according to the power instruction manual.
The maintenance of the equipment is mainly because each maintenance personnel regularly checks the usage status of the machine to see if the machine has oil leakage or loose screws.
Precautions for the use of wood crusher equipment:
The feeding precautions of the machine should be uniformly fed. Do not feed in large quantities at one time to avoid some hard materials such as metal and stone from entering the crusher. Read the instruction manual completely before use.

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