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July 23, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Quality cosmetics that won't break the bank

By Mellissa More Blogs by This Author

I'm among the group of girls who has an obsession with lipsticks, balms, and glosses. I won't leave the house without lipstick on, and most days, that's all the makeup I wear! However, my daily lipstick habit has its drawbacks. A tube of Maybelline lipcolor can easily cost you almost $10, and who wears the same color everyday? Alright, I don't wear the same color everyday. Still, for a continually broke college student, $10 lipstick isn't a wise expense. Finding decent alternatives to higher-end and name-brand cosmetics takes time, but you'll be better for it in the end!

Shany Cosmetics Lipstick

When I shop for lipstick, I'm looking for excellent pigment, all day wear, and of course, a good price. I've recently stumbled upon a product line called Shany Cosmetics, and I'm head over heels for the lipcolor. I've tried the so called “all-day-color” products from the more popular cosmetic brands, and the ending result was almost always dry lips and crusty products.

This is not the case at all with Shany lipsticks. I've worn the lipstick upwards of 14 hours, through eating and drinking without having to reapply the pigment. The colors are pretty, and the consistency of the lipstick isn't super rich or creamy. I currently own the Slick and Shine set that consists of 12 shades. Better yet, I snagged this amazing set from for just under $20 (about $1.65 per tube).

Jordana Cosmetics Eyeliner

My girlfriends who don't wear lipstick on a daily basis“put on their eyes” every morning. Dating back to ancient Egypt, eyeliner is one of the oldest cosmetic products in the world! Jordana cosmetics makes excellent eye and brow lining pencils, and I'm particularly fond of the brand's liquid liners. The liner does not flake off or smudge (including the non-waterproof versions), and the pigment is saturated. The wood pencils are typically an eye-popping $.99, and I've found the liquid liner for $2.99 at the drug store.

Wet & Wild Blush and Bronzer

Any regular connoisseur of makeup products has come across Wet & Wild cosmetics at one point or another but probably passed them up. Wet & Wild products are a hit and miss in some of their cosmetics (nail color especially) but I do enjoy their blush and bronzers. Both products have fantastic all day staying power and they're easy to find in drug store cosmetics section.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish

Designer nail polish can easily cost you anywhere between $8-$12 a bottle, and sadly, the only thing you're paying for is the brand name and a wider variety of colors. Thankfully, I've stumbled upon Sinful Colors nail polish! At $1.99 a bottle, the pigmentation of the nail color is vibrant, and the product paints on smoothly. There are currently seven color families in the brand, so there's no need to worry about pigment limitations! Sinful Colors polish also happens to be camphor and Formaldehyde free! Sinful Colors nail polish is available in most drugstores and Target.

Dermasil Lotion

I've dealt with a combination of eczema and dermatitis on my face since early adolescence. Medicated creams are too harsh and irritate my skin even further, andexfoliation rarely helps either. I've tried masks, peels, scrubs, and salicylic acid. While shopping for toiletries one day at the dollar store, I came across a tall bottle of lotion called Dermasil. I first used it for my hands during the winter to keep them from becoming cracked and dry, and the results were amazing! The lotion itself is odorless and absorbs easily into the skin. It's non-greasy too, so it can't clog your pores. After about a week of using it, my hands were perfectly soft and hydrated, so I began using it on my face.

My dermatitis will never be fully “cured,” but nowoutbreaks happen maybe only once or twice a month instead of every week. It's cleared up rough skin on my heels and knees too! Dermasil hydrates better than Cetaphil, Vasaline Lotions, or Aquaphor and is much cheaper than each of those brands! The lotion's recipe helps replace skins natural lipids so it will retain moisture properly. At $1 for a 10 oz. bottle, you'll be set to have soft and healthy skin for months. Dermasil Lotion is available at Dollar Tree Stores and Bed Bath and Beyond.

When in doubt, try it out!

Like their higher end counterparts, not all cheap cosmetics are quality products. Test out a sampling of products to find your own makeup bag arsenal. Spend some time in the personal hygiene and beauty sections of the dollar and drugstore, you may strike gold!


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