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September 19, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

6 Fashion Trends Unlikely to Make a Comeback

By Jeany Miller More Blogs by This Author

Fashion is a curious thing. What was in vogue 20 or 30 years ago (bell-bottomed jeans, for example) might suddenly reappear in fashion magazines and ignite style fervor. Other trends only last momentarily before turning blasé and passé. It’s hard to understand why some fashion endures and some fails miserably. But one fact is undeniably apparent: A lengthy list of trends never makes a comeback and is instead destined to remain in the past.

#1. The Corset


About The Trend: One example is the corset, designed in the sixteenth century to mold female bodies into the desired shape. Both binding and cumbersome, women stopped wearing the corset in the early 1900s to demonstrate their growing independence. Outcries against its harmful nature grew too loud to ignore, and clothing designs became simpler and looser until the corset was rendered unnecessary.

Why It Won't Come Back: Today it would be impractical to wear such an undergarment – imagine a white t-shirt over a thick, whaleboned undergarment with lace ties. But it’s not just clothing that has changed, as lifestyles also are no longer what they once were. Women who endured the pain of corsets had to be laced into them with the help of a lady’s maid. A growing number of females detest the discomfort of brassieres, much less the time and difficulty involved with the corset.

#2. Bathing Costumes

Bathing Costume

About The Trend: In the early 1900s, bathing suits were sometimes called bathing costumes, and compared to our current revealing two-pieces and suggestive one-pieces, they do look like costumes. But the focus at the beginning of the twentieth century was on modesty, and women were expected to keep themselves fully covered. They achieved this with black wool dresses that reached just above the knee. Sometimes, legs were covered with bloomers and slippers kept the feet from view. Incorporating sailor collars, ribbons, and bows helped slightly relieved the plain, austere look of these unexceptional suits.

Why It Won't Come Back: Given society’s ever-increasing openness with the female body, bathing costumes will never re-emerge. They once served their purpose, but the fashion vault is now forever closed on them.

#3. The Poodle Skirt

Poodle Skirt

About The Trend: One of America’s most iconic fashion pieces came from the 1950s – the poodle skirt. Designed in 1947 by Juli Lynne Charlot, this skirt perfectly embodied the innocent and fun-loving culture of that decade.

Why It Won't Come Back: Today, the poodle skirt remains a favorite at costume and Halloween parties, but its place in yesterday is firmly cemented. To revive it would be to betray its origins and diminish its significance to American culture. Wearing a poodle skirt to work – where women perform the same duties as men – might also appear a little unprofessional.

#4. The Leisure Suit

Leisure Suit

About The Trend: The 1970s hippie movement inspired more than a way of life, it also gave rise to dozens of fashion trends that are still visible. One relic from this era that doesn’t influence today’s fashion ( other than to remind people what not to wear) is the leisure suit. This three-piece outfit was intended to combine style and comfort. It contained all of the elements necessary for 1970s appeal: bell-bottoms, huge jacket lapels, raucous polyester shirts, and contrast stitching.

Why It Won't Come Back: While the leisure suit enjoyed considerable popularity in the latter part of the decade, “yuppies” of the 1980s demolished its image when they began wearing “power suits” for work and evening engagements. The ridicule endured by the leisure suit, in conjunction with its hippie culture kin, has forever relegated it to the past. 

#5. Parachute Pants

Parachute Pants

About The Trend: Parachute pants first arrived on the fashion scene in the 1980s and were designed for break dancing. They enjoyed a cult-like following for most of the decade and into the early part of the '90s. The pants’ loose design allowed wearers to move easily, and the synthetic polyester material withstood the harsh nature of sliding and gliding on the dance floor.

Why It Won't Come Back: Unfortunately, 1980s fashion was more about people celebrating freedom from censorship than enduring trends. Parachute pants may make occasional appearances on fashion runways, but their mainstream popularity is finished.

#6. Peglegged Denim


About The Trend: Blue jeans are a staple of the fashion industry, and it’s hard to see a moment when they will be relegated to the past. But some denim fads have not withstood the test of time – consider stonewashed and high-waisted jeans as evidence of this fact. Another denim trend whose popularity was short-lived was the peglegged look, also known as tight-rolling. This involved taking all of the fabric on one of the legs, folding it over, and then rolling upward to achieve the tightest roll possible. Add a pair of white anklets and inexpensive white Keds, and the look was complete.

Why It Won't Come Back: Though,Katie Holmes nearly ushered in a comeback in 2008, the silhouette was too tricky for most women. Loose on the top,skinny at the ankle jeans made thighs appear larger and legs appear shorter. Pegrolling still appears in some fashion magazines, but it’s a fad of the 1980s most people won’t soon repeat.


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