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Environmentally friendly machine-made carbonization furnace


The environmentally friendlycarbonization furnaceis an indispensable machine in the carbon making process, and it bears the heavy responsibility of charcoal carbonization in the charcoal machine equipment. At present, the market sells the use of agricultural waste straw, wheat straw, rice husk, peanut shell, wood, sawdust and other raw materials to produce smoke-free and tasteless machine-made charcoal.

Charcoal machine equipmenthas made machine-made charcoal from the previous firing of raw charcoal to the current use of domestic waste. It has contributed to the environmental protection industry and the shortage of natural resources.

When the charcoal is carbonized, it should be placed evenly according to the salary bar, so that it can be better burned by heat. The carbon merchants who are not correct in the operation of the environmentally friendly carbonization furnace can produce according to the steps provided by Shuliy Machinery Factory:
1. Close the oven door after the salary bar is full.
2. Ignite the ignition in the ignition furnace.
3. Turn on the induced draft fan.
4. Close the upper fire door.
5. Open the fire door below.
6. Adjust the value of the outlet to the smoke.
7. Remove the ignition furnace when smoke is emitted from the smoke outlet.
8. Put on the flange of the ignition port.
9. Continue to lead the wind. These steps are sequenced.

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