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Environmentally friendly carbonization furnace controls the temperature of charcoal according to different raw materials — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Environmentally friendly carbonization furnace controls the temperature of charcoal according to different raw materials


The carbonization furnace is a high-quality charcoal product made by subjecting crop waste products such as straw, rice husk, sawdust, bamboo chips and coconut shell to a series of physical and chemical changes and finally carbonization. The product is highly efficient, green and non-polluting, and has a wide range of sales prospects and development prospects.
The continuous carbonization furnace of Shuliy Machinery has added a flue gas recovery device. The flue gas generated during the carbonization process is automatically recycled and supplied to the carbonized combustion energy. There is basically no waste discharge, and the energy consumption is small. You can use your own raw materials to help yourself. Production, which greatly helps to reduce the emission of flue gas during the charcoal manufacturing process. There is no gas emission from the atmosphere during the production process, and the double effect of environmental protection and energy conservation is achieved. The addition of this technology has great benefits for reducing user input, eliminating the need to provide a large amount of heat source in the carbonization process, which is important for improving revenue and for environmental protection.

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The carbonization of any raw material is caused by the change of temperature. The continuous carbonization furnace has a good grasp of the heat in the operation process. At the beginning of carbonization, the temperature can be debugged scientifically. In theory, the longer the firing time is. The better the quality of the carbon coming out, but different time adjustments should be made according to different raw materials. Therefore, in addition to considering the quality of the carbon powder, the temperature control of the gasification type carbonization furnace should also consider the carbonization efficiency.

The shuliy mechanical continuous carbonization furnace has a short time and a carbonization efficiency of 98% in the carbon making process. The efficiency of charcoal in any carbonization equipment is not fully guaranteed. Because it is very important to choose the raw materials in the middle, the airflow carbonization furnace is very important. It takes only 6-8 hours to carbonize a furnace carbon. Runhe Machinery is loyal to R&D environmental protection equipment for many years, and is specialized in creating the most environmentally friendly carbonization equipment.

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