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Easy Rules To Make Your Hookah Taste And Sessions Better

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The word hookah is filled with a lot of excitement. The circles are like a chocolate box; we never know when the smoke will form the right big clouds. With the right tricks, we can make super fun times for more fun. Nobody likes to listen to woohoo, this hookah tastes bad. The mysterious word is all about, wow, that tastes great.

So if you are planning for a hookah romancing, here are some great tips to improve the taste of hookah:

Smoking hookah is fun, relaxing, and best past times. But, wrong hookah methods can spoil all the fun. So sit straight, follow these and make the smoke moments magical.

Rule #1

Find the right hookah shop

There are many varieties of hookah and flavors. Find the hookah shop that offers the highest quality smoke products. Sunburst Smoke Shop- a smoke shop in Glendale AZ is an epitome of the best hookah shop. Flavors are the most significant things to enjoy hookah sessions. So find a shop where you can get fresh and varieties of flavors.

Rule #2

Use ice and cold water

One of the fundamental principles to enjoy is to use cold water during hookah preparation. The water inevitably gets warmer in the bottle while smoking, so there is no need to use warm water- as it only gets warmer.

To make it taste fresh, add a few pieces of ice in the bottle. The pieces of ice will melt slowly and make the water temperature under control.

Yes, ice will make the hookah taste better, but decrease the taste of tobacco. So if your fun is to enjoy tobacco avoid ice, and if it is flavor- add ice.

Rule #3

Use fresh quality and wet tobacco

The next rule to enjoy hookah times is to ensure your tobacco is kept in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.

If you are not gonna plan the hookah session for long; put the tobacco in a reusable bag to keep the air away.

Bear in mind the essential tip to enjoy tasty hookah is to use quality ones like from Sunburst Smoke Shop. For Vape Shop in Glendale AZ, look no further than Sunburst Smoke Shop.

Rule #4

Dont forget to blow some air out

Another simple but most effective trick to enjoy taste hookah is to gently blow some air out from time to time. Just be sure not to blow too hard -otherwise, water will move into the bowl and ruin everything. Undoubtedly, your session, fun, and mood. And if you are unlucky- even your hookah.

Rule #5

Use the right amount to tobacco

Sure, sometimes you have to push the boundaries and do everything youve got-but not tobacco. While preparing tobacco less is more- should be the principle. Always make sure that you never exaggerate with tobacco.

So after all the rules, you now have some tricks to enjoy hookah sessions. But, wait! How can a hookah session be complete without trying to make those big circles?

Here are some easy ways to make bigger smoke clouds:

#1 Always ensure that your hookah is tight. Check the hose, bowl, and base. If you hear air coming through smoking, fix it.

#2 The more charcoal or the more heat supplied to the hookah, sensibly means more smoke will be produced.

#3 Make sure to poke larger into the tin foil of the hookah bowl and holes not close to each other. This will allow more heat to be supplied to the hookah and make the smoke circle bigger and tastier.

#4 Last, the amount of water you place in your base will also have an impact on how smooth the hookah is. So add more water if you did love to make big smoke clouds.

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