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February 22, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 3 Faves: 1

Clothing Personality

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Whether or not they profess to be a fashion guru, everyone has a sense of style. Some obsess over it, while some just don't care, and then there are others that maintain a very distinct style because that is simply what they like. If you are like me, there are always clothes that you're required to wear in certain situations but hate, or maybe are just too lazy to fix the problem. 

Things I Hate About Clothes

The biggest thing that I hate about clothing is clothes that don't fit right. I hate wearing shirts that are too big and pants that are too small, it drives me insane. One thing that really makes me get my crayon is a suit jacket that doesn't fit right. I have 5 suits that are actually my size, which is a 38 reg, but it seems like only 1 of them fits me properly because the tailor did an awful job on all the others, and that is after I had them RE-tailor the freaking jacket. So you might ask, why don't you get your jacket tailored again by someone different? The reason is that 2 of the 4 suits are nearing death, and another one is a color that I completely regret getting and the fourth I guess I'm just lazy and don't want to spend money on tailoring.

I think that the worst thing EVER as per clothes go that I am required to wear are dress socks. I hate them so much. They just grope my leg and are uncomfortable and make me hate life when I think about how horrible the leg groping is and how much it annoys me! Unfortunately I cannot avoid wearing dress socks, but there is 1 clothing item that I hate so much I think has no place in anyones wardrobe ever, it's those stupid track pants that are made of the really thin material and make the most annoying noise EVER when you walk! AHH! I don't know why, but it seems like any time anybody wears these they are always in an annoying bright color like turquoise or pink. Awful I tell you.

Things I Love About Clothes

I love soft clothes. Specifically soft tees and hoodies! They are always super comfy! Some of my favorite hoodies come from Hollister because they are super soft and have over sized hoods that I love. I throughly enjoy shirts that actually fit and aren't a stupid box shirt, those are basically the best pieces of clothing that you can find. I really like short socks, like....reeeeally like them! As noted above, I hate socks that are constantly grabbing my calves all day. I prefer black socks too because they seem to go with everything and not stick out from the clothes that I'm wearing. 

My absolute top 2 favorite articles of clothes are good pants and trendy jackets. I love some slim bootcut jeans, they fit my body type so wonderfully! I'm not berating slim straights or even slims (but I am completely trashing skinny jeans on dudes) but I just don't have the skinny little girl legs for them. Bootcut jeans seem to be tighter in the right places and then looser in the right places, pretty much the opposite of any type of pant that you may happen to procure at Pac Sun (eek). Trendy jackets however are like the crown jewel of all good clothing items! They are light, but not too light, and they have pockets and collars and zippers and buttons and I love them!

So I pose the question to you dear readers, what is your favorite item of clothing?

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  • I have twooo favorites! My black, over-sized hoodie from Victoria's Secret, and my super soft charcoal gray Green Apple yoga pants! :D

  • Dry-weave shirts

  • what's a dry weave shirt?

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