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Charcoal machine equipment to produce machine-made charcoal — an article on the Smart Living Network
May 7, 2019 at 9:53 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Charcoal machine equipment to produce machine-made charcoal


As a complete set of production line equipment, the new coconut shell charcoal machine has its own supporting production equipment, also known as the four-piece mechanical charcoal machine. This four-piece set together constitutes a new coconut shell charcoal production line, which allows it to have better processing and production conditions.

The new coconut shell charcoal machine equipment can produce corn charcoal, rice shell, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell and some north and south crop straw into a mechanism charcoal, crushing the raw material and compressing it into high density and high heat by mechanical pressing and heating. The value of the molding fuel; these raw materials have greatly improved the combustion performance after processing. They can replace wood and coal for production and daily use. After carbonization, they are silver-black hollow four-corner or hexagonal column rods with shiny carbon rods.

The four sets of new coconut shell charcoal equipment production line include: crusher equipment, dryer equipment, rod machine equipment, carbonization furnace equipment; each supporting equipment has its own role, playing its own production advantages.

1. The main function of the pulverizer equipment is to pulverize the raw materials, and the charcoal raw materials are processed and produced into pulverized charcoal granules to ensure the subsequent production of the new coconut shell charcoal machine equipment.

2. The function of the dryer is to dry the raw materials after crushing and processing, and the wood raw materials after drying and processing can be formed into rods;

3, the rod making machine is used for processing and molding, mainly used to process the raw materials dried by the dryer, the wood after drying can be well shaped;

4. The carbonization furnace is a process in the charcoal production process. It is used to charcoal sawdust rods. After charring, the salary bar can become a black mechanism charcoal. It is also the charcoal salary rod after carbonization that it is better to use. quality.

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