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Charcoal briquette machine is a good investment equipment

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The principle of charcoal briquette equipment is simple and easy to understand. It is the production of charcoal, such as branches, straw, straw, peanut shells, trunks, cotton straw, tea husks, husks, weeds, leaves, etc. The raw material of the material fiber is filled, crushed into a powder within 10mm by a pulverizer, dried by a dryer to make the moisture content within 12%, and the rod machine is formed by high temperature and high pressure (without adding any The additive is then placed in a carbonization furnace for charring, which is a finished mechanism of charcoal.

The principle and process flow of charcoal briquette equipment are basically the same. But the production of the equipment is very different. Take the dryer as an example: the raw materials before drying should be dried to reduce the water content to between 12% and 4%. This requires that the length of the pipe, the diameter of the pipe, the insulation performance of the pipe, the air volume of the fan, the wind pressure, and the flow rate are all suitable for the raw material drying requirements. The dryer should be able to dry the raw material with a moisture content of 35% at a time.

Some dryers are not suitable for drying due to pipe length, wind pressure and air flow. Therefore, the raw materials can be dried 3-4 times, which not only wastes manpower, material resources, electricity, and fuel, but also greatly increases the cost of carbon production, and greatly affects the next process - the rod. There are many beginners who can't correctly solve the relationship between drying and stick making.

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