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Brief introduction to the process flow of charcoal machine equipment

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The demand for machine-made charcoal is increasing, and the machine-made charcoal for the production of charcoal machine equipment is increasingly recognized by customers. What are the methods and steps for producing machine-made charcoal?


1. Crushing procedure In the pulverizing process, the collected raw materials need to be pulverized into granules by a pulverizer;


2. Drying process After the pulverizer equipment has been pulverized, the granules are dried by the dryer equipment, so that the materials reach a certain degree of dryness;


3, the bar process has a certain degree of dryness of the raw material through the bar machine high temperature pressing to make a rod shape;


4, carbonization process After making a rod shape, after carbonization and cooling of the carbonization furnace, it is machine-made charcoal. The same procedures need to be completed with certain equipment, generally with the help of pulverizer equipment, dryer equipment, rod machine equipment, carbonization furnace equipment, etc.

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Brief introduction to the process flow of charcoal machine equipment article

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