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July 29, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Back to School Style for College Freshmen

By Mellissa More Blogs by This Author

Entry into college life is super exciting! I know for me, clothes was the absolute last thing I was worried about when it came to getting ready for school. It might seem like a minor detail, but even if you're planning on living at home, you're going to need to make some adjustments to your wardrobe. If you've been paying attention to the latest trends, you're in luck! Bold prints, high waisted skirts, and retro glam will be spilling over into the fall months! So, what will be your new wardrobe essentials? Read on!

Cardigans, jackets, and hoodies

Dressing in layers may seem silly in early fall when the temps are still warm, but you'll be glad you did! Early morning tends to be chilly in the fall months, and some lecture halls will have the AC cranked to 65 degrees. Having the option to warm up or cool down with what you're wearing will make you more comfortable in your environment and help you focus during class! When the weather finally cools down, a hoodie or cardigan is a closet staple. Forever 21 is a great retailer to grab statement jackets and cardigans.

Leggings and Tights

Leggings are wonderpants in my book! When you're running late in the morning, they're easy to throw on with a tunic or dress. Patterned tights can be paired with skirts, and I've worn them with shorts in the winter. You can even wear leggings or tights under holey jeans for a pop of color while keeping warm! H&M offers a variety of funky prints for tights and leggings from $12.95.

Tank Tops

A simple tank can act as a base layer under a breezy top or a solid when paired with bright skinny jeans. Under translucent tops, a bright tank can add an extra punch of color or texture. Aside from the obvious stylish choices you can make with them, tank tops are a comfy addition to your collection. Check out Sears Women's Crochet Tank Top to select a rainbow of colors from $4.99.


You might be nervous to wear a skirt on campus, but don't be! Skirts are some of the most fun and girly members of the female wardrobe! Mid-length skirts are fashionable, but also appropriate for the amount of walking you'll be doing, as well as for the classroom. Another sweet skirt to rock is the maxi. Maxi skirts are amazingly soft, boho chic, and can be paired with almost any top or jacket. Shop at for a variety of beautiful skirts.


Every girl needs a pair of jeans to complete her wardrobe! For those long days on campus, you'll need denim that will hold up to the elements. Skinny jeans are cute, but they aren't always the best choice, so definitely invest in a pair of more relaxed fitting jeans. When the days get cold, jeans will keep you warm! Gap's new 1969 jeans come in 8 styles sure to flatter any shape from sizes 00-20. Gap also offers appropriate cuts for tall and petite women in the special sizes section.


Be kind to your feet! I've seen girls hoofing it to class in 4 inch pumps, and flip flops are no better! Closed toe, supportive shoes will keep your tootsies safe and happy during your campus adventures. Browse Payless for cute styles that work with your budget.


It may be tempting, but don't use your biggest handbag to carry your books and laptop! Your poor handbag will be destroyed, and you will probably end up with a shoulder injury! Instead, invest in a backpack. When shopping for a backpack, you'll want to make note of these features: Is it is waterproof, and does it have enough pockets? Can it “expand” or “shrink?” Is there room for a water bottle and umbrella? Make sure that there is sufficient padding and support for the shoulders and back as well. One of my own favorite brands for backpacks is High Sierra available through The High Sierra backpacks are heavy duty and practical, however, they are also very stylish.

Dress for success

You're probably going to see a lot of people coming to class in their pajamas before the semester is over. First impressions are important, and you definitely want your professors to take you seriously. Attending Greek Literature in sweats probably isn't a great idea if you're an English major. On top of that, you're probably looking to make new friends and dressing like you care will help. If you look good, you're going to feel good, and that aura will spread. Start off your college career dressed for success!


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