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Advantages of machine-made charcoal — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Advantages of machine-made charcoal


The production process of machine-made charcoal is as follows: wood chips, scraps, husks, branches, rice husks, bamboo chips, peanut skin, sunflower seed shell, furfural residue, wine residue, sugar cane bagasse, corn cob, coconut shell, coffee shell And the biomass of crops and straws mainly in the north and the south can be used after being crushed by a pulverizer, but the proportioning method needs to be adjusted.

It is dried in a drying oven to form a standard raw material with appropriate dry humidity. After cooling, it is formed into a rod-forming machine after high-temperature and high-pressure plasticization, and is formed into a mechanism salary rod. Thecarbonization furnace(the form of thecarbonization furnaceis various, and the current is generally environmentally friendly three consecutive The hoisting furnace) is carbonized and ready-made machine-made charcoal.

The difference between machine-made charcoal and other charcoal:

1. High energy burning time: fixed carbon content of about 80%, calorific value of 7500-8000kcal / kg, while charcoal fixed carbon content is low, calorific value of about 6500kcal / kg.

2. Environmental protection and energy conservation: no cutting trees, using bamboo and wood products waste production, turning waste into treasure. The production of ordinary charcoal requires cutting down trees and destroying the ecological environment.

3. Clean and clean, clean: Smokeless, charcoal-free, burning, non-sparking, residual ash naturally does not float during combustion, ash or 3% or so, after burning, less residual ash, flammable.

4. The shape rule is convenient for storage, reasonable structure and convenient to use: it has uniform length and size, hollow or solid structure, which is good for burning and use.

5. No pollution, no smell: machine-made charcoal is chemical-free, non-toxic and odor-free, non-polluting, and has a long burning time.

6. The water content is low, within 5%: ordinary charcoal has a large water content.

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