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Advantages of machine-made carbon versus activated carbon


The advantage of machine-made carbon is that it has no environmental pollution during its production:

1. Waste residue:

The machine-madecarbon production processdoes not require the addition of any additives and chemicals, and its products are not produced by any waste, even if it is small, it can be recycled to create benefits. Therefore, no waste residue is produced in the production process.

There are heavy metal residues in the production process of activated carbon, which have a serious impact on the environment.

2. Waste liquid:

There is no need for water in the machine-madecarbon production process, so there is no pollution to the water at all, let alone the waste liquid.

Different activated carbons need to use a large amount of water source to activate and rinse in the production process. Therefore, a large amount of waste liquid is discharged during the production process, and it is for this reason that production is limited by the state.

3. Exhaust gas:

The gas produced by each process of machine-made carbon is basically water vapor and a part of combustible gas (which can be recycled for use as a fuel), so the machine-made carbon production process basically has no pollution to the air.

Activated carbon has some pollution to the atmosphere due to the need to activate some of the chemicals such as zinc chloride.

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