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Advantages of carbonization production process for continuous carbonization furnace equipment — an article on the Smart Living Network
March 21, 2019 at 2:11 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Advantages of carbonization production process for continuous carbonization furnace equipment


To win the competition, charcoal machine manufacturers need to continuously strengthen the production quality, improve their luxury technology, and manufacture equipment that meets the market demand, so that they can occupy an effective market share in the market and win the favor and recognition of users.
The continuous carbonization furnace equipment inside the charcoal making machine adopts an automatic control system, which is specially designed for the carbonization of fine materials (such as sawdust, rice husk, husk, etc.), and is a special equipment for mass production of carbon powder. The continuous carbonization furnace can carbonize large materials such as coconut shells, hemp rods, straws, branches, and stems. However, the coconut shell must be crushed before the conversation, and the coconut shell carbon powder has a high carbon content.
Continuous rice husk carbon powder production line - the working principle of fully automatic stalk carbonization machine, first ignites the combustibles in the continuous carbonization furnace, and the flue gas generated after ignition is sprayed, cooled and purified in the pipeline. Collecting and other processes will produce flammable gas, which can be used as a heat source for pre-carbonization. This process is recycled, and it is more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, smoke-free, etc. Some of the customers deal with soot. A little worried, this can be assured that our continuous carbonization furnace equipment can meet the environmental requirements of most countries. The smokeless straw carbonization furnace can carry out carbonization and non-oxygenation of woody materials such as wood chips, rice husks, coconut shells, peanut shells, plant straws, bark and other carbonaceous materials (particles having a volume below 15 mm) under high temperature conditions in the furnace. Ideal for high carbonization rates.
High-temperature carbonization equipment, environmentally friendly charcoal helper In recent years, with the increasing attention of energy and environmental protection issues, the value-added conversion of straw waste utilization has become a new wealth growth point. In addition to directly carbonizing the straw, the smokeless straw carbonization furnace can directly carbonize the biomass material not exceeding 3cm. The carbonization process is dry distillation carbonization, the carbonization technology of the carbonization furnace equipment is continuously innovated, and the products are more and more advanced to meet different customer needs. The carbonization furnace equipment can be continuously produced by the combustible gas generated by the primary gasification furnace, and has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency.



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