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June 27, 2012 at 4:18 PMComments: 3 Faves: 0

Two Men's Sweaters for Less Than $7!

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

My husband, like many men, dislikes shopping for clothes. He’s the guy that spends as little times as possible in the store as he can. He knows what he wants, gets it and goes. (Have you ever noticed where the men’s departments of clothing stores are located? They are almost always by an entrance or exit. Next time you go to the mall, check out it out.)

Anyways, I wanted to help my husband out by buying clothes for him so he wouldn't have to step in a store. Sometimes I find the right stuff, other times I’ve returned clothes because they weren’t the right fit or style. It’s all a learning process! :)

Anyways, I knew he needed more sweaters, so I went on a thrifting search.

Even though it’s summer and he won’t be wearing them anytime soon, off-season is the best time to shop for autumn and winter clothing. The sales are hard to beat!

I drove to my favorite place – Goodwill. When I entered the building, I went directly to the men’s section. It was hard not to go to the women’s, but I restrained myself! ;)

After much digging through the racks, I found two sweaters that looked almost brand new.

Blue Sweater

blue sweater thrift store find

Brand: Banana Republic

Price: $3.29

Gray Sweater

gray sweater thrift store find

Brand: Apt. 9

Price: $3.29

Grand Total - $6.58

When I got home, I had my husband try them on. They fit perfectly and he liked them as well. I’d chalk that up to a successful shopping trip for my husband!

Photo Credit: Divine in the Daily

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  • Nice :-) Even a high-end brand name!!!

  • I went to Macy a couple of weeks back and the means clothing was upstairs and tucked in the corner. I think the intention now is because me (myself) hate shopping they place our stuff in the further areas so we spend more time walking past the impulse aisles. Of course I went to Macy's and way over spent compared to your listed prices so I guess they have the money to do research on what goes best where.

  • what a steal! I drop stuff off all the time at Goodwill but I never go in to shop. I'd probably be mad if I went in to shop because knowing me I would want to purchase what I dropped off!

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