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Fashion is a statement in itself! A person's unique style speaks volumes about who they are and how they perceive themselves. Are you a fashionista, a fashion-flop, or are you just trying to keep your head above water in the fashion world? Our Fashion Group will take you through the fashion process of enhancing your wardrobe, learning more about styles and trends, and LOVING your body through expressions of fashion. Join our Fashion Group to learn more about the do's, don'ts, and all the in-betweens of modern style.

Livia Firth Stuns in Recycled-Bottle Gown - How YOU Can Follow Suit

Colin Firth's wife Livia is making headlines for donning a gown made of recycled plastic bottles. Read on to discover how you can greenify your… Read More ▶

[Id and Ego] What The Color You Wear Says About You

When we think our clothes make us look smarter, or more creative or sexier, that perception changes the way we act and the people around… Read More ▶

Want to Turn Heads? Studies Say Wear Red!

According to studies men subconsciously find the same woman more attractive in red than in any other color! Read More ▶

Why Bernice Bobbed Her Hair

Few changes in fashion have ever been so controversial as the popularity of the infamous bob. Read More ▶

Leave Cowboy Hats to the Cowboys, Please.

The Cowboy Ethos The American cowboy symbolizes a nostalgic hero in our history. He embodies strength perseverance and ability. Added to this is an air… Read More ▶

How does the wood chipper reduce noise during work?

The wood chipper is a kind of disc wood chip processing machinery produced by our factory. It is mainly cut by a blade. Read More ▶

Shuliy mechanical carbonization furnace equipment has always been based on green environmental protection

The technology is constantly developing, the society is constantly improving, the machinery industry is constantly upgrading its technology, and the carbonization furnace equipment is also… Read More ▶

Composition of plastic pipe extrusion line

For the production of plastic pipes, plastic extruders play a very important role in the production, but due to the wide variety of pipes, the… Read More ▶

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