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Keeping Your Focus On One Project At A Time

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It is easy to get distracted when you have multiple things on your plate at once. You have ideas for each of them going through your mind all at the same time. You want to work on each of them. It is important to do one at a time to ensure your best work possible.

Stay Organized

When getting each project (if all at once) make a chart, to do list or write each down in a planner, along with their goal, any special notes and due date. There may be some that you are more anxious to do than others, but it is important to complete those that are due first before anything else. This will also help you to realize your priorities and where they need to be and where they need to stay in order to complete projects.

Gather Important Information

When you determine which project will be the first, gather any material needed about it. Any notes taken in a meeting, previous research or do some outside research if needed. This will help you stay focused, because it will become most important once you completely concentrate all of your time on one. Make sure that all other project material is set aside until the current project is completed and that will be needed. Keep your work area clean.

Once You Have Started

Get a good start on your project, if spending long periods of time on one particular project; be sure to take short breaks sporadically. This will help give your brain a break and give it time to reload with new ideas and new positions to take on the project. Do not put your project off at the last minute. Allow yourself enough time to get it completed and your workmanship will show through to your boss and or colleagues. The more time you spend will be more evident in the quality of your work.

Keep Your Focus

You will be more likely to forget good ideas when focusing on too much at once. This can be caused by more distractions or the ability to get distracted easier. You will be much faster at completing a project one at a time, even though it does not seem that way. You will come up with better ideas and will be more motivated to complete the project if you know that is all you have to work on at once. Having too many things on your mind at once will cause an overload and ruin focus and concentration.

Evaluate Yourself Once a Project is Complete

It is important to look back at your work and determine what could have done better or what good ideas you had. This will help you with the future projects. If for example your project was a presentation, you may realize you spent too much time researching things that you did not even use as part of the presentation, instead of spending the much needed time on visuals. This will serve as a reminder for the next presentation that you needed to keep your work concise but of a high quality. It may vary from one project to another, but sometimes can be applicable to other assignments. It is important to produce quality work that can benefit you and/or your company for the present and the future. By working on one project at a time it is much easier accomplish.

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