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February 17, 2012 at 4:26 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

Combat Stress

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Every minute we're awake, it seems like there's something nagging at us. There's always a problem that needs to be addressed or an obstacle that needs to be overcome. It may be something major, dominating your thoughts and actions, or something insignificant that gets put on the "deal with it later" list. So, how do we deal with stress!? Lots of ways! But I've compiled a small list of tips in this blog of awesomeness to keep your stress managed!


Accept STRESS as a necessary and beneficial force in your life. Without it, no deadline would get met. If you didn't feel a little bit of stress when thinking about following through on your plans with your friends, you would probably end up not having very many friends. Stress is a driving factor that keeps us employed too! What if you straight up never cared about what time you got to work? You probably wouldn't have a job. 

Accept stress as a part of life! 

But when stress takes over our lives, we can fight back! One of the best coping mechanisms is to talk it out with someone. If it's a certain person that's pushing you over the edge, talk to them about it! Letting yourself bottle up hurts so much! A resolve won't always be made, but it usually helps. If it's a situation that you don't feel free to talk with the person, talking about it to your closest friends can definitely relieve some of the strain. For me, I feel like a weight is lifted off just because I verbally communicated my issue. Even if there's nothing that you or your friends can do, you may find solace in a nice conversation.

Another way to combat stress is to engage in one of your favorite activities. Everyone has a favorite hobby or activity they enjoy! If it's painting, for example, immerse yourself! This works very well for me! (It might be because I can generally only focus on 1 task ha.) When I'm doing something that I enjoy, like playing the guitar or running with my iPod on, I lose myself to it. If you fill your head with what your doing, you won't be able to focus on your stress.

If all else fails, or you're absorbed by completely irrational stress, you may want to turn to medication. For me, all I need is a good shot of caffeine and B vitamins in an energy drink. However, there are some medications that will completely change you, not something people typically want. So you might try a variety of different things until you find something that works! :D

LiVe HaPpY!

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  • Good point. How better to know your potential enemy than to completely embrace it.

  • Good call Seth, face it, and beat it mercilessly into the ground so that it never rears its head again. Effective and satisfying.

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