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Symptoms Of Shingles — an article on the Smart Living Network
October 30, 2007 at 6:11 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Symptoms Of Shingles


What are the symptoms of Shingles?

Symptoms of Shingles can vary in people most will usually feel quite ill at first, almost as though they have influenza (flu). Most commonly experienced symptoms are headache, chills, fever, and nausea these are all part of the prodromal stage.The prodromal stage is the first of two stages.

First Stage of Shingles:

The prodromal stage, symptoms in this stage occur approximately two to five days before a visible rash will appear. In this stage lesions will also begin to appear. Other commonly observed symptoms that may be experienced during the prodromal stage is tingling, itching, numbness, sharp stabbing pain around the area where the rash is present (usually found on face or torso). You may also experience fever, sometimes associated with chills, headache, vomiting and itching.

Second Stage of Shingles:

The eruptive stage, swelling and redness appear around the area where pain is present, along with blisters formed in clusters and filled with a clear fluid. In the upcoming five days new blisters will continual appear. The blisters will be scattered in a patch form pattern or a continual band on the skin, similar to that of chicken pox. Blisters will be slightly itchy, irritating, and can be intensely painful. Within a 14 days window, blisters will have become filled with pus, burst and then finally form a scab. Once you have hit this point, the shingle virus is no longer contagious. The rash typically goes away in about three to five weeks.

The duration of shingles can be significantly decreased for shingle suffers with the use of a natural supplement to build up the immune system to a healthy level. Although, prescription antiviral medications can be prescribed you run the risk of negative side effects.

It is always important to see your doctor as soon as you suspect you may have shingles. Once diagnosed you would want to start treating the virus from the inside out early after the rash appears.

A natural supplement will help shingle lesions heal faster for many sufferers. In one clinical study, those suffering from shingles who took a natural supplement saw their shingles lesions heal 30% faster than those people taking a placebo.

In addition, for many people age 40 or older, taking a natural supplement has significantly shortened the duration of PHN, reducing the number of days in discomforting pain. Shingle suffers who took a natural supplement started taking immediately after the shingles rash appeared.

The good news is that once you've begun taking a natural supplement and treating the virus from the inside out, without negative side effects, you will have seen the last of shingles.

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