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My Shingles Story — an article on the Smart Living Network
June 3, 2012 at 7:09 PMComments: 1 Faves: 0

My Shingles Story


On Easter day, in the year of 2006, i got a small red rash on the right side of my neck. by the end of the night, i was in tears with an immense amount of pain. It took doctors a week to diagnose me with shingles. About a month after my diagnosis, i developed a small keloid (raised scar) in the shape of an eraser on a pencil. The scar was and still is occasionally painful and itchy. About four years ago I got plastic surgery in hopes to get rid of the keloid, but unfortunately it made the scar even bigger. I got a series of steroid injections which made the skin around my scar darker. Just recently while obsessing with wanting a bellybutton piercing, i discovered silicone patches and cream to help the look and pain of my scar. After trying over the counter creams and other patches that stuck to my skin, I was not planning on trying anything else. But my scar gets in the way, and i suffer from postherpetic neuralgia (long term pain after the shingles rash heals), one in five people suffer from this. For me, the pain is intermittent, so there was no reason in taking medication because i could never tell when the pain would come or how long it would last. The silicone patches and cream have made an amazing difference in my scar, it is now smaller and the skin around it has lightened in color. I hope that my information here can help others from suffering like i did for so long.

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  • Oh man! That sounds like quite the ordeal, Ellen! :(

    I'm glad you finally found something that works for you, but too bad your doctor didn't tell you about it sooner! I haven't personally dealt with shingles, but I know of people that have. I'll have to mention the silicone cream to them!

    Thanks for sharing!

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