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Why Is It That Women Have Lower Libidos? — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Why Is It That Women Have Lower Libidos?


Many women wonder whether or not their libido levels are normal or not, but to really be able to determine if a woman has "normal" libido levels, will depend on their partner.

Sometimes, the woman will have a lower sex drive than the man and it will cause desire discrepancy. Other times, which is very rare, the woman and man will have the same level of sex drive or the woman will have more.

Each relationship is different and the best way to figure out about low libido in women is to compare them to their partner.

What Does Low Libido Mean?

Low libido means having low sexual drive. This can occur from various factors like stress, relationship issues and prescription medicines (antidepressants). Fatigue can also play a role in libido lowering in women.

Is it True that as you get Older, Your Libido Decreases?

This isn't necessarily so. Many women do find that there are desire discrepancies in the relationship as they mature, but this is due to mentality. A lot of the time, women will feel less desirable and will cause themselves to worry about what their partner is really thinking. After menopause, libidos sometimes decrease due to vaginal dryness. Many women find that this doesn't occur to them, so everyone is different.

Relationship Strains from Low Libido

When men are in a relationship with a woman who has low libido, they will begin to think that she no longer finds him desirable. This will cause frustration, sadness and possibly anger that can damage the relationship.

Women who are with a man who has high libido may feel that he only wants her for sex. She may not understand why he needs to have intercourse twice a week, when she only wants it once every other week. It is important that there be communication to keep the relationship healthy.

Desire discrepancies, whether the man has higher or lower libido, can cause hardships for the relationship. There is counseling that can help couples accommodate to each others needs. There are also natural treatments that you can use.

Women and Low Libido

It seems that women tend to have lower libido levels because they have lower amounts of testosterone than men. This hormone is sometimes used in hormonal replacement treatments to increase libido in women, but can cause side effects that can increase masculinity.

Many relationships fail due to desire discrepancies. The woman may feel uncomfortable and under pressure when with a man with a higher libido than she. There are several reasons for low libido in women such as the following (occurring to research studies):

  • Having children under the age of five (are not in school and can consume a lot of energy and time from the mother)
  • Increased daily responsibilities
  • Stress
  • Medications
  • Illness
  • Relationship issues
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth control

What Research Shows

Surveys have been given to 11,000 men and women between the age of 20 and 40 regarding their sex life. Research shown that 41% of married women said they had little interest in sex for up to one month during the previous year and one in ten of the married women claimed that their sexual desire issues had lasted for at least six months.

The women who have young children shown they had long term and short term problems with sexual desire.

Single people were also surveyed. Most claimed to have a fear of sexual first encounters and had current issues with sexual desire. No ties were confirmed between those two.

A global survey was also given in 2001 to see how often people had sex in a years time. These are the results:

  • Couples living together - 146 times/year
  • Married couples - 118 times/year
  • Singles - 69 times/year


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