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What Are My Treatment & Therapy Options For Female Sexual Arousal Disorder? — an article on the Smart Living Network
December 21, 2007 at 1:06 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

What Are My Treatment & Therapy Options For Female Sexual Arousal Disorder?


Before you can treat an illness, you have to know what causes it. Once you know the originations, you can find out how to prevent it. Some women who enter into menopause experience female sexual arousal disorder or FSAD. This is a caused by low libido (sexual drive) and/or estrogen.

What Causes FSAD?

There are several factors that can cause women to experience FSAD. It can either be physically, emotionally or psychologically. Studies show that the brain is an important sexual organ. Most arousals are based on what the mind perceives. Different people find various things sexually attractive. Relationship issues can play a roll in low sexual drive in women as well. When women reach menopause, they play into the stereotype that they are less attractive and are less of a woman. This is a mental cause of FSAD.

Non-medical Treatments

It is always great to do things naturally, so what are some non-medical options that you can partake into your life? For starters, you should try communicating with your partner. If you find that he isn't doing something right, have a talk with him about your needs. You can also try changing your lifestyle. Dieting and avoiding alcoholic beverages are great ways to improve your sexual and overall health. Stay away from smoking also. You can also try exercises with your pelvic floor, also known as kegel exercises. This can help with arousal and sexual stimulations. (This is done by tightening your pelvic muscle as if you're stopping urine mid-stream, then hold for five seconds, relax and repeat). You can also use lubricants to help with the dryness, although Vaseline should be avoided since it can cause vaginal infections and weaken condoms.


It's a good idea to seek counseling if you are having issues in your relationship. This can be a cause as to why you experiencing less sexual drive. You may also find that there is something psychological about your condition.

Therapy for Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

There are medications that are available for FSAD that help balance your hormones. Medical therapy is an option and will include:

  • Eliminating or decreasing the use of medications that have sexual side effects
  • Treating hormonal conditions
  • Using strategies to help with pelvic pain and other pain problems (issued by doctor)
  • Using methods to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
  • Optimizing treatment for anxiety

Herbal Supplements

Before trying a prescription medication or over the counter drug it is best to explore other options such as herbal supplements. Most Herbal supplements contain a ton of vitamins and key ingredients to get you back to feeling better. When looking for a solution for FSAD try an herbal supplement that contains black cohosh.


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