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Super P Force| Take| Dosage | Precautions.... — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Super P Force| Take| Dosage | Precautions....


Super P Force

Super P-Force is an oral pill that is recommended for the treatment of sexual health issue such as impotence and also a problem of premature ejaculations. Thus super p force is the one of the best and improved medication that offers you harder and stronger erections in men that are possible only when the person is sexually stimulated. This tablet is also known to remake the vanished sexual urge of men and with its twin active mechanism of super chemical mechanisms Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine. Thus these two chemicals works equally to give temporarily release over the issue of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Super P-Force pill desires to be taken only after a prior consent with the doctor as this will make the person to take the correct dosage as per your health. The pill of Super P-Force thus conveys out the best pleasing result over both the problems and improves the act of men in bed. Thus, it is extremely recommended to take the pill of Super P-Force below correct doctors guidance to get the best results.

Super P Force Take

These medicine will become effective 1 hour after taking it and effects may become noticeable after 45mins

Effective treatment time is 4 - 6 hours.

Always take super p force with a large glass of water

Avoid large or fatty meals close to when you intend to take super p force

Super P-Force Use

Super P-Force tablets 100mg/60mg are used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men, which is inability to achieve or maintain a hard erect penis suitable for sexual activity, due to insufficient blood flow into the penis. It is tablets relax the blood vessels in the penis increasing blood flow and causing an erection, which is the natural response to sexual stimulation.

Super P-Force tablets are also used to treat premature ejaculation, which is the most common sexual dysfunction in men of all ages, and is defined as early ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before of soon after penetration and can cause distress and problems with relationships. Super P-Force tablets help improve control over ejaculation and increase the time interval before ejaculation occurs during intercourse, for men with persistent or recurrent premature ejaculation, by delaying the ejaculation process. Super P-Force tablets work by separate mechanism to remedy two sexual dysfunction disorders but will only work if you are sexually aroused.

Super P Force Side Effects

The following are some side effects experienced by individual after having Super P-Force medication.

  • Sneezing
  • Headache
  • Photophobia
  • Visual changes
  • Dyspepsia
  • Palpitations

Super P Force Dosage

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Super P Force Precautions

The medicine of Super P-Force is planned only for men grief from ED and premature ejaculations. This pill is not right for women as it can be risky to their life.

People consuming a past history or suffering from health issues like cardiac dysfunction, myocardial infarction or cardiovascular problems should have a proper discussion with the doctor before the consumption of Super P-Force.

People working in a factory shouldnt have Super P-Force before going to their workplace or where high mental attention such as flying a plane is required because, this pill can also cause dizziness, blurred vision, or tremors.

This tablet becomes sensitive with nitrate drugs then people in taking nitrate drugs should avoid the intake of Super P-Force tablets. This is because; this mixture can offer out severe health problems such as unexpected cardiac arrest, coma, or instant lowering of blood pressure.

Extreme intake of alcohol and smoking should be totally evaded with consumption of Super P-Force as its mixture can give out sure negative side effects over the person. Also, the effect of Super P-Force pills can get vanished if there is extreme consumption of fatty foods before and after its consumption.

Thus, one should not use this ED drug if they are sensitive to Sildenafil or any other Phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

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