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Natural Treatment Options for Female Sexual Arousal Disorder — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Natural Treatment Options for Female Sexual Arousal Disorder


Female sexual arousal disorder is a type of sexual dysfunction that is typically diagnosed by the presence of persistent sexual problems within any stage of the sexual response cycle. Any sexual problem that is associated with negative feelings, distress, or negative affections on your relationship is considered to be a sexual dysfunction and should be treated. Female sexual arousal disorder is commonly noted with many concerns, including lack of pleasure associated with sexual contact, decreased or lack of sexual desire, problems or inability to become aroused, pain associated with vaginal penetration (dyspareunia), inability to orgasm or problems attaining an orgasm. However, there are many natural treatment options available to aid in the process of correcting female sexual arousal disorder.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder: Natural Treatment Options

There are an array of natural treatment options for female sexual arousal disorder, including creating open lines of communication between you and your partner, lifestyle and dietary changes, strengthening your pelvic muscles, and even counseling. It is also important to note that female sexual arousal disorder is often a side effect of many conditions or prescribed medications. Consult your physician if you believe that your female sexual arousal disorder is caused by a medical condition or prescription medication.

Communication: It is an Essential Component of EVERY Relationship

It is important to establish an honest and open line of communication with your partner.This will ensure a comforting environment when it comes to discussing sexual and emotional intimacy. It is fairly common for couples not to discuss sex, but it is essential to establish some way of expressing likes and dislikes in a non-threatening manner. This communication is typically cause for greater sexual intimacy. You should be able to openly and honestly discuss your feelings to resolve any dispute in the sexual department.

Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

Healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle can increase overall sexual health and general health. It is important to limit alcohol use, not to smoke, and to exercise on a regular basis. Alcohol is known to decrease sexual responsiveness, while smoking is associated with restricting blood flow. Exercise is known to increase stamina, elevate mood, and increase overall body image. It is also important to schedule time for relaxation and leisure, to decrease stress.

Your Pelvic Muscles: Strengthening

The strength of you pelvic muscles can affect sexual intercourse. It has been shown that certain muscle training techniques that exercise the pelvic floor can aid in the reduction of female arousal disorder. Kegel exercises are commonly utilized to strengthen these pelvic muscles, increasing overall strength and sensation associated with pleasurable activity. These are the same muscles that stop urine flow. While sitting, tighten your pelvic muscles and hold for a period of five seconds. Relax from holding and repeat for a repetition of approximately 15. This can be done several times per day.

Counseling is Always an Option

There are counselors and sex therapists that are specially trained to aid in resolving sexual dysfunctions. A sex therapist will typically evaluate your overall attitude and opinions about sex, including you and your partners emotional health and intimacy. The sex therapist will also make recommendations to treat your female sexual arousal disorder. Remember, you are not alone. It is estimated that over half of all women in the United States have some form of female sexual arousal disorder, due to a combination of physical, environmental, and psychological factors. Remember, that you do not have to live with female sexual arousal disorder. Consult your physician to determine the best methods of treatment.


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