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Cenforce 100 mg Reviews, Price, Uses

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What is Cenforce 100 mg ?

While guys have trouble in getting or preserving an erection, it might be a signal of a clinical circumstance referred to as Erectile dysfunction (ED).Cenforce 100 is a medicine that consists of 100mg of the energetic component Sildenafil and is used inside the remedy of erectile disorder in guys. Cenforce 100 is a PDE5 inhibitor this indicates it inhibits the movement of the enzyme PDE5 which will loosen up the muscle mass of the blood vessels inside the penis thereby increasing blood go with the flow to provide an ED. This effect but is performed with the presence of sexual stimulation.Cenforce 100 shipping in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and all over world. Usually we ship Cenforce 100 in 24 hours and you would receive tracking details for the same, so that you can track your order online.Now you can buy Cenforce 100 using your Credit Card / Paypal. We Ship Cenforce 100 World Wide.

How does cenforce 100 work?

Cenforce 100 contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate. The drug is commonly used to create medication for ED. Through the 100 MG dosage of the cenforce pill, user can experience a rejuvenated sexual drive. The sildenafil citrate pill is a blocker of the phosphodiesterase enzyme which helps the user of the medicine to have a sustained erection. This allows more blood to flow in the penile smooth muscles. It is also useful for users with other problems like pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Cenforce 100 mg Dosage

Cenforce 25 mg

Cenforce 50 mg

Cenforce 100 mg

Cenforce 120 mg

Cenforce 150 mg

Cenforce 200 mg

How to take Cenforce 100 mg?

Be sure to communicate your physician about all the medicines that you are taking a glass of water along with other health care issues. Consuming pill with a heavy meal might slow down its absorption, and thus it takes a bit longer time to show its action. Therefore it is best to consume it empty stomach. Cenforce 100 mg pills should be taken within an hour of planned sex because the drug gets the highest time to dissolve in blood, for a better result, and in most cases, it helps you to get an erection in about 30 minutes that will last for approximately 4 hours when you are sexually aroused. You should keep your tablets in their blister pack until used and store in a cool, dry place where the temperature stays below 30C. Do not take it with high-fat meal or alcohol, because it takes some time to start work.

Side effects of Cenforce 100 mg


Chest pain


Irregular heartbeat

Severe drowsiness


Cenforce 100 is taken before having sex and it is advisable to have a gap of one hour to 30 minutes in between. It is recommended to not take more than one dose at a time. It is also important to notice that this medicine needs a minimum gap of 24 hours before it can be taken again. In case there is an overdose of this medicine, the doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

There are some patients that face allergy because of the medicine and the ingredients that comprise a medicine. It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor before commencing these medicines as the doctor is well aware of what suits a patient better while looking at his medical history.

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