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Buy sildenafil online and improve sleep to prevent ED

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Sleep is essential for sexual health as much of a mans testosterone is produced during sleep. This hormone plays an important role in sex drive and erectile function. Sleep deprivation can result in low testosterone levels which can lead to sexual problems like erectile dysfunction (ED). Approximately 40 percent of men over the age of 45 have low testosterone levels.

Poor sleep can also lead to health conditions like high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. These conditions can cause hardening of blood vessel walls which results in reduced blood flow to the penis. Fortunately, men who buy sildenafil online can use this medication to improve blood flow and improve erectile function.

Sildenafil vs Viagra what is the difference?

Sildenafil is the generic version of Viagra. A generic contains the same active ingredient as the branded version and is known by its chemical name rather than its brand name. The patent for Viagra has expired and this has allowed generic manufacturers to purchase the chemical formula for sildenafil so that they can produce and sell it. They did not incur initial research and development costs so they can afford to sell it at a much lower cost.

Can I take sildenafil with food?
Large meals, especially meals with a high fat content can affect the absorption rate. If you buy sildenafil online manufacturers recommend waiting two or three hours after eating a large or fatty meal before taking a tablet. The reason for this is that the fat inside the meal can slow down the digestive system and prevent the medication from being absorbed properly.

Order treatment for ED online
This medication can now be conveniently ordered online at highly competitive prices. Because generic manufacturers did not need to invent Viagra, they also did not incur initial expenses so the generic is much cheaper. You can save even more money if you buy in larger quantities as discounts apply.

Buy sildenafil online today and safely prevent sexual performance issues.

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