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Sexual Dysfunction

Despite what the cheesy television commercials would have you believe, sexual dysfunction relates to far more than male erectile issues, and it affects both genders. Since it can sometimes be difficult to discuss embarrassing bedroom issues in public, we've created the Sexual Dysfunction group as an anonymous forum for you to address any problems you and your partner(s) may be experiencing.

Infertility Treatment Goes Over The Counter with "The Stork"

This week, the FDA approved The Stork OTC as the first conception assistance device available over the counter. This blog will cover The Stork and… Read More ▶

The Importance Of Communication For Sex

Sexual communication is an important aspect of sex. Sometimes the use of words to describe certain wants or needs for sexual satisfaction can create certain… Read More ▶

Testosterone Replacement for ED?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common problem which becomes more common as men get older. With all of the commercials talking about low testosterone… Read More ▶

Genital Warts FAQs

Genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease STD caused by Humanpapillomavirus or HPV. There are several different kinds of HPV but only certain ones cause… Read More ▶

What Is Shrinkage Dysfunction?

Shrinkage is a popular colloquialism referring to an unexpected decrease in penis size. There are several regular causes, such as embarrassment, surprise, and dissatisfaction. Read More ▶

Does Endometriosis Lead to a Lack of Sex Drive?

Since endometriosis can be painful for many women, it's completely natural to become less interested in sex. Read More ▶

Who can get Female Sexual Arousal Disorder?

Some women going through menopause tend to find themselves experiencing female sexual arousal disorder or FSAD. This happens because of hormonal imbalances in the body… Read More ▶

Shrinkage Dysfunction: The First Step to Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunctions are defined as any difficulty that occurs during any of the sexual stages that persistently prevents the individuals from enjoying sexual intercourse. Both… Read More ▶

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