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Will Your Sex Life Survive The Aging Process — an article on the Smart Living Network
November 16, 2007 at 8:01 PMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Will Your Sex Life Survive The Aging Process


The Aging Process & Testosterone

Testosterone is the magic hormone that regulates the human sex drive. The aging process leads to many changes in your body that may make senior sex more challenging. These changes can however give you and your partner both new reasons to talk about your changing needs and to explore new positions and techniques. Age-related changes are different for men and women so it is very important to understand each others needs through communication.

The Aging Process & Women

Menopause is linked to most age-related physical changes in women. As you find yourself aging you may also find that intercourse may become less comfortable or even painful. Your vagina starts losing elasticity as you age, which means it doesn't stretch as far or as easily, and lubrication takes longer even when you are sexually aroused. Some women even experience a burning sensation during intercourse or light vaginal bleeding after intercourse. Longer foreplay may help to stimulate your lubrication if not you can use a water-based personal lubricant. Having intercourse regularly can help you to maintain your lubrication and elasticity.

The Aging Process & Men

For a man it may take longer to achieve an erection with age. Erections may not be as firm or last as long as they did when younger. Aging will also lengthen the time between possible ejaculations. You may require medication that can help to achieve and maintain an erection or better erection. These will come with some potentially negative side effects however. You can also try all natural supplements. Natural Supplements do not have negative side effects. Men will experience changes in their sexual function as they age that would include; fewer sperm being produced, erections taking longer to occur, erections not being as hard, "recovery time" or time between erections increases to 12 to 23 hours, the force of ejaculation decreases, sexual desire may decrease due to emotional reasons or health problems. To maintain an active sex life as you age be open and honest with your partner about needs, interests, and desires, as we age these will constantly be changing. Seek help for any problems that might arise whether it is with your family doctor or your significant other. To maintain your libido you will want to keep exercising. Keep a healthy weight. Men that remain well are less likely to develop erectile dysfunction with age then men who fall ill. So the answer to "Will your sex life survive the aging process" is most definitely yes. With these tips you will have no problem maintaining a healthy sex life.

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