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White Peony Root: The Anti-Aging Herb — an article on the Smart Living Network
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White Peony Root: The Anti-Aging Herb


White peony root comes from a flowering plant call Paeonia Lactiflora Pall.The root can be dug in late summer or fall and served in a variety of ways. In China there is an old saying that claims a woman who eats the root of white peony will become as beautiful and timeless as the flowering plant itself.White peony root is most widely known for its ability to prevent and postpone signs of aging.

Peony was named after the Greek physician to the gods, Paeon.Since Hippocrates was alive it has been used as a remedy to epilepsy and worn as a charm to ward away evil spirits and disease.

White Peony Root is known to:

  • Nourish blood throughout the body.
  • Regulate Menstruation.
  • Suppress liver pain.
  • Prevent overactive sweating.
  • Hinder signs of aging.

Anti-aging: Known in China as the most potent anti-aging herb, peony root is highly prized as a blood tonic; it cleanses blood improving circulation while relaxing the muscles. When the blood is purified, it directly affects the skin, renewing moisture and producing that "youthful glow" we all so desperately try and recreate.This promotion of beauty from the inside out is what is said to extend life, branding peony root as the "immortal herb".Women who have used white peony root for a prolonged time period have reported their skin significantly improving in smoothness, firmness, softer and generally cleaner.A radiance from the inside out portrays a youthful glow in the face.

Pain Relief/Menstruation Regulator

White Peony root is also used widely to aid in the regulation of menstruation in women.The ability to regulate the menstruation cycle in turn normalizes hormonal levels which reduces pain and stabilizes emotional state.Because of the antispasmodic properties, it is said to relieve cramps, (generally those felt while menstruating), as well as spasms anywhere in the body.

Muscle Relaxer/Blood Stimulator

When combined with licorice root, the relaxing and calming effects of white peony are magnified.It can relax all types of muscle including striated and smooth.It reduces the tension in muscles while stimulating uterine muscles which leads to less painful periods and even childbirth!White peony also has the life saving ability to stimulate cell reproduction, namely of the red blood cells to replenish blood loss when in a traumatic accident or sustaining a potentially fatal injury.

Reduces Liver Pain

White Peony Root is sour as well as sweet which produces blood replenishment in the liver.This nourishes the liver and can reduce pain or infection.This root can also reduce hyperactivity in and around the liver and is thus used for all types of liver problems, hindrances and infections.

White Peony Root Is a Great Herb!

White peony root has been shown most effective when used in conjunction with other herbs and vitamins (i.e. licorice root, dang gui, etc.)Products that blend these and other vital herbs, minerals and vitamins, can almost instantly improve health of the body inside and out!

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