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Top 10 Things Women Fear about Aging

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#1: Fear of the elderly stereotype

In society, elderly people are not always seen as the wise, intellectuals as they were in the past. Instead they are as seen as incapable. When in actuality, most people are still just as sharp as they were 20 years ago. A vast majority of people still turn to those who are elderly for their opinions and great advice.

#2: Loss of style

Often, people think of older people and the way that they dress, they think knitted sweaters with bright green turtlenecks and orthopedic shoes. That may be true of some elderly peoples wardrobes, but it is not a required uniform. Women can still keep their sense of style. Styles may change, but there are many clothing stores that offer todays styles for older women. Many magazines offer a style section suitable for older women, as well.

#3: Weight gain

The older people get, the more their metabolism decreases and can cause a shift in weight. Weight gain commonly affects women as they age. The need for the same amount of food will change and more exercise will be needed to keep excess weight off.

#4: Loss of freedom

As people get older, it becomes more difficult to do things independently. Driving, home care/maintenance or even cooking may become problem areas for some people as they get older for physical and mental reasons. Loss of memory may be a factor that contributes to each because people need focus to perform each task. It can be dangerous for someone who has difficulty with their memory or loss of concentration. Some peoples family members can contribute to this problem, thinking they need to do everything for their loved one. While it is a nice gesture, sometimes the ability to do things for oneself is the best solution. People will ask when help is needed.

#5: Loss of identity

Along with the stereotype of older people are activities that they participate in. A woman growing older may think that she is restricted to only doing things that she see older women doing now, like knitting, for example. Both are great activities but should not be constricted to older people. There are a lot of great things for older people to get involved in. Just because someone is getting older, does not mean that they cannot do what they enjoy.

#6: Leading a less active lifestyle

This is associated with the two previous fears, because people may think that they cannot get out there and do things they enjoy. When actually, when people are older is the best time! Most people retire and are looking for things to do. They do not have to ask for time off from their job, they do not have children to take care of. They can enjoy themselves like they did before having full-time jobs and children.

#7: Loss of youthful looks

When people age, they undoubtedly change in appearance, but that is part of life. Getting older does not mean you have to look older. It is all in how you present yourself.

#8: Loss of attractiveness

Many people worry that later in life their significant other may not find them as attractive anymore. This is not true in all cases, chances are, your significant other probably sees you just as beautiful today as the day you were married. For people who are single while aging, the chance is still there to meet someone. People often find love in their older age.

#9: Serious illness

There are many diseases and illnesses that are associated with growing older. The reason that this can scare someone who is getting older is because that is all that they hear. Not everyone who gets older gets a serious illness. It is all in how you have taken care of your body over the years. There is nothing to worry about if you have always taken care of yourself. And even if you have not always had a clean bill of health, it is never too late to start turning things around with diet and exercise.

#10: Getting older is the end of your life

Few people may believe that it is a downward slope when they get older and life is ending. For some people, it can be the beginning! There are a lot of things to look forward to once you are older, it will be a lot easier to enjoy life and do things that you enjoy doing and taking on new hobbies. It is the chance to do things you have always wished you could do. Getting older is a privilege, not a burden. There are many people who may see it negatively, but it is a positive change. It is always difficult at first to adjust to new things in life, but once you have, it can be rewarding. Source:

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