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Living With A Parent With Dementia — an article on the Smart Living Network
August 11, 2011 at 2:16 PMComments: 4 Faves: 0

Living With A Parent With Dementia


When I  first noticed that my parent had dementia or at least the symptom, well I guess I really knew it for a long time I was just in denial.

My mom would say something and then repeat it seconds later and I would say; you just said that and her response would be oh I did than kind of laugh it off.  She did that many of times or she would forget where her glasses were and she was wearing them and we laugh at that .

As it progressed she started believing she was being watched all the time, like someone is looking in the window at her. We live in a duplex and she is would be upstairs and no matter how you try to convince her that no one could possibly be sitting outside the window she would not believe us.  It would get to the point where it would make you angry but then you know she cannot help herself. Her speech becomes more slow speaking so you can't understand what she is saying so and if you ask her to repeat it she can't. There are some days where she acts like her old self and those are the days that I will cherish while she is with me.  I just thank God that she is with me.

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  • Diana-

    Thank you so much for sharing that! It must be really hard to see your mother confused that way. At least she has you there to love and support her.

  • Diana, thanks for sharing your story. I am sure there are days that are very difficult but just keep enjoying those good days with your mom! Just remember to give her comfort and understanding on those hard days, I am sure it is very hard on her also!

  • Diana, thanks for sharing. I have a grandma who has dementia and it started out just how you described it. She would forget my mom or I had already said the same phrases to her or she'd ask the same question again and again. I agree with everyone else, it's amazing that you are there to love and support her!

  • Your love, support and patience really goes a long way. Thank you for sharing. It's always great to hear about families supporting each other the way you do.

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